School improvements

Pupils gardening

Through Eco-Schools you can improve your school grounds

By taking part in the Eco-Schools programme, it is likely your school grounds will be improved. This can happen in many ways – whether through less litter being dropped or even through the building of raised vegetable growing beds.

Eco-Schools is an umbrella project that encompasses all of those within the school community. By teaching and involving whole school community, you help to unite the school behind a common cause. What’s more, by encouraging pupils to take responsibility, you’re helping to promote a sense of responsibility for their surroundings and to create a culture of social caring.

In addition, Eco-Schools enhances and thrives within a caring school community where the views of others are valued and action is taken in response to these views. The school becomes a place to make positive changes and to make a difference.

In fact, many schools report a big change in the behaviour of the students as they take on a bit more responsibility for the world around them.

What are the other benefits?

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