5. Linking to the curriculum

Pupils colouring in

Linking to the curriculum

Linking Eco-Schools to the curriculum helps the whole school to get involved in the programme, raising their understanding and knowledge of sustainability. This doesn’t have to be onerous and when environmental education is introduced in a creative way it enhances the way in which lessons are delivered and enriches pupil learning experiences. 

For example, if you’re manipulating numbers and presenting results graphically as part of your maths or ICT lessons, why not use real data relating to your energy consumption collected as part of your work on the energy topic within Eco-Schools. This helps bring the figures to life and allows pupils to learn from a real situation. This example could be further extended into science and citizenship lessons as you investigate ways to reduce your dependence on energy from fossil fuels.

Many Eco-Schools tell us that incorporating the programme into the curriculum has had real benefits both in terms of helping teachers to engage with pupils and individual pupil performance. Schools that incorporate Eco-Schools into their curriculum are increasingly being commended by Ofsted for their pupil engagement and citizenship.

Eco-Schools lesson ideas

To help you begin linking sustainability issues into everyday lessons, Eco-Schools has developed a set of lesson ideas to help you do this. We have primary and secondary ideas that will encourage your students to solve real-life problems and present their solutions in a variety of ways.

All of our lesson ideas have been designed to help with specific curriculum areas, as well as link to the Eco-Schools topics. Visit our Eco-Schools Free Resources page for more detailed information and to download these lesson ideas.

We also have a range of educational resources developed by Keep Britain Tidy's Love Where You Live campaign. These lesson ideas aim to inspire your students to question how they live, why they love where they live and what makes them value their community and the wider world. Visit our Love Where You Live Free Resources page.

How the Pod can help

All of the activities and lesson plans on www.jointhepod.org have cross curricular links and can be used in many areas of the curriculum. Every lesson plan clearly states how each activity can be used in the curriculum and they have a handy curriculum guide providing a complete overview of how each activity links to different subject areas.