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Programme Materials

The materials listed below are key to your progress through the Eco-Schools seven step framework, helping you move through the awards. For more detail on how to use these materials, visit our Getting Started section.


  • Switch-Off Fortnight and the Eco-Schools award criteria

    We go through the framework step by step to show you how taking part in Switch-Off Fortnight can help you achieve your Green Flag award criteria (and Bronze or Silver too)

  • Energy Topic Information Sheet

    As energy is now a compulsory Eco-Schools topic, we have put this guide together to help you understand the different ways to tackle energy as part of your Eco-Schools project work.


Early Years


  • Getting Started with Eco-Schools

    This guide gives you a quick overview of what Eco-Schools is all about, as well as some simple starting points to help you on your way with the programme.

  • Eco-Coordinator's User Guide

    A comprehensive guide to using our online application system - from registration to renewal of your Green Flag Award.

  • Sources of Funding

    A list of available funding opportunities for schools.

  • Eco-Schools Award Overview

    This one page document provides you with a simple breakdown of the criteria for Bronze, Silver and Green Flag award levels; as well as tips on how activities and resources available on www.jointhepod.org can help you fulfill the criteria.

  • How the Pod's campaigns help with Eco-Schools awards

    Find out how taking part in the Pod's campaigns can help you fulfill the Eco-Schools framework and achieve Eco-Schools awards.

  • Year Planner 2013-2014

    If you're looking for ideas and activities to put into your Action Plan, download the Pod and Eco-Schools Year Planner to get all the dates for upcoming national environmental days, campaigns and events.

  • Linking Topic work and Curriculum subjects

    This sheet is a handy overview of potential links between your Eco-Schools topic work and Curriculum subject work.

  • NEW Eco-Schools Research Report 2013

    Environmental improvements are only half the story of Eco-Schools' successes. Download our new piece of Eco-Schools research; addressing what success looks like, how we achieve it, and how we build on it. An interesting read for those who already support the programme and a useful document to help convince others of the benefits. 

  • Eco-Schools Safer Recruitment Policy

    Keep Britain Tidy has updated the Eco-Schools Safer Recruitment Policy

  • Eco-Schools and the Pod reference guide

    This handy pdf will introduce both Eco-Schools and EDF Energy's the Pod; including how to get started with both programmes, the Eco-Schools award criteria and top 10 ways the Pod can help you on your Eco-Schools journey. A useful resource for Eco-Coordinators and to help introduce others to the programmes. 

  • Eco-Schools Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

    Keep Britain Tidy has updated the Eco-Schools Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

  • The story of one school’s sustainable journey, helping you to start yours

    This document is intended to provide support for schools getting started or looking to get started with Eco-Schools. This case study takes a look at one school's 12 year journey on the programme, their advice and ideas on how to begin embedding sustainability throughout the school, as well as descriptions of the wide range of pupil benefits they have observed since adopting the Eco-Schools framework.

  • Environmental Review Template

    Use our Environmental Review template to evaluate your school's performance against the Eco-Schools nine topics and use the results to write an Action Plan. Feel free to tweak and amend this template as you sit fit or take some inspiration from it and design your own Environmental Review. This now includes a Green procurement section.

  • Pupil Environmental Review

    Use can also use the pupil friendly Environmental Review template to enable your committee to evaluate your school's performance against the Eco-Schools nine topics and use the results to write an Action Plan.

  • Action Plan Template

    Use our Action Plan template with your Eco-Committee to plan your eco work for the school year.

  • Action Plan - Primary School Example

  • Sample Eco-Code 1

    An acrostic poem submitted by Aylesford Secondary School.

  • Action Plan - Academy/Secondary School Example

  • Action Plan - Sixth Form College Example

  • Sample Eco-Code 2

    Submitted by Scargill C of E Primary School.

  • Sample Eco-Code 3

    An acrostic poem submitted by Ormiston Victory Academy.

  • Sample Eco-Code 4

    An Eco-Rap submitted by Shaftesbury High School's Year 11 Humanities group.