Our Partners

We partner with a wide variety of businesses that share our aim of helping children to learn and then take action on environmental issues.

Working closely with our carefully selected partners is a mutually beneficial arrangement. We help them highlight their environmental credentials on a national scale while they help us to develop the Eco-Schools programme and create more positive impact in our 17,000+ schools across England.

If you are a school, head to our amazing Interactive Eco-School to see all of our current partners that can help your school become more sustainable and help you on the way to your Green Flag!

For businesses, click through to see the benefits of our partnership levels below and some of our current partners who are leading the way.


Our amazing schools have suggested an Eco-Schools Welcome Pack for our rapidly expanding programme- do you think you can help?

Our current partners

Check out some of the amazing partners we already have on board – all of them helping schools to become more sustainable.

Current Partners

Become a Topic Sponsor

Eco-Schools is based around nine environmental topics. By becoming a Topic Sponsor you champion the topic most relevant to you. We are limited to nine partners at this level and we work closely with all of them to enhance the topic area for our students.

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Become a Supporter

Our Eco-Schools Supporters are dynamic small and medium sized businesses who align with a topic area and have environmentally focused products and services that can help schools.

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Interactive Eco-School

You can find a greener version of pretty much everything your school uses; pencils, carpets, uniforms, energy. Here you can investigate how you can ‘green’ your school

Interactive Eco-School