Bronze Award criteria

Bronze Award criteria

After achieving your Bronze Award your school will have completed 50% of the work needed for your first Eco-Schools Green Flag.

STEPS 1, 2 and 3 ONLY

On average schools take around 3 months to move from registration to Bronze, this first stage is about setting the foundations to becoming a fully fledged Eco-School.

Step 1: Eco-Committee

  • OPTIONAL FOR FIRST GREEN FLAG: At least one pupil from each year group is on your Eco-Committee including KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4. Nurseries, colleges and SEN schools can adapt their Eco-Committee to suit their setting. Please note it is not necessary to appoint a new Eco-Committee each academic year.
  • Your Eco-Committee meet at least once every half-term.
  • Pupils share responsibility with adults for running meetings and keeping a record of meetings.
  • Meeting minutes are displayed on your Eco-Board.
  • OPTIONAL FOR FIRST GREEN FLAG: There is representation from parents, governors or senior management on your Eco-Committee, however, they do not have to attend every meeting. When they cannot attend meetings, the Eco-Committee are responsible for updating them.
  • Pupil representatives ensure that there is communication to and from the Eco-Committee to the rest of the school.

Step 2: Environmental Review

  • The Eco-Schools Environmental Review covering all ten Eco-Schools topics is completed by pupils, with adult supervision.
  • A copy of your Eco-Schools Environmental Review must be displayed on your Eco-Board and the results communicated with the whole school.
  • It is compulsory for the Green Flag award that your Eco-Schools Environmental Review is updated every two years to coincide with your Green Flag renewal application, however, best practice is to complete it every year.

Step 3: Action Plan

  • Your Eco-Committee produces an Action Plan influenced by their Eco-Schools Environmental Review.
  • Pupils on the Eco-Committee take responsibility for leading their chosen topic actions: three topics for your first Green Flag and five topics for all Green Flag renewals (changing two of the five topics with every subsequent renewal application).
  • Your Action Plan contains timescales, who is responsible for the actions and how your topic actions will be monitored and evaluated.
  • Your Eco-Committee shares the Action Plan with the whole of the school.
  • A copy of your Action Plan must be displayed on your Eco-Board.

If you feel you have met the criteria listed below login to your Eco-Schools account to complete the free, self-assessed Bronze Award!

You can view all the questions you will be asked on your self-assessment or download a paper version to complete with your Eco-Committee by clicking here.

Once you have achieved your Bronze Award more of our free resources will become available via your Eco-Schools login, to help you on your next steps to the Silver Award.

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