Bringing you the Eco-Uniform!


David Luke Uniforms – our Litter Topic Sponsors

David Luke is one of the leading school uniform suppliers in the UK, but they pride themselves on doing things a bit differently. We’re excited to have teamed up with them to tap in to their unique offer – the Eco-Uniform.
David Luke’s Eco-Uniform range uses polyester made from recycled plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfill, in rivers or as litter on the streets. Since 2013 they’ve saved over eight million plastic bottles going in to landfill!

Mission, Inspiration and Passion

David Luke has four corners to their approach which strongly align with our values at Eco-Schools. They promise that every garment they produce comes from a place of Honesty, Fairness, Responsibility and a Progressive culture.
Set up by brothers with a belief in making things better, they have a mission to lead the school uniform market and drive up standards of sustainability within it.

As our Litter Topic Sponsors, David Luke have shown a commitment to support the development of this area of the Eco-Schools programme. See how they took the lead in Manchester, linking up with Eco-Schools to tackle this pressing environmental issue here! 

Teaching Resources for You

If you are interested in discussing the links between waste, recycling and fashion in class, David Luke has created engaging lesson plans with links to citizenship and PHSE. They have also worked on developing a set of resources you might want to use to link recycling in with the curriculum – knowing that their Eco-Uniforms double up as thought-provoking and informative educational tools too. Click the drop down for lesson plans and resources about the production of their cutting edge Eco-Uniform.

Download the Key Stage 2 Lesson Plan

Download the Key Stage 3 Lesson Plan

You can also download information about the ‘bottle to blazer’ process here, which you can talk about with your Eco-Committee. Or show students the below video helping them to discover even more about the production process and final uniforms.

View David Luke’s full range of school uniform products

Interactive Eco-School

You can find a greener version of pretty much everything your school uses; pencils, carpets, uniforms, energy. Here you can investigate how you can ‘green’ your school

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