Welcome to our annual Learning About Forests (LEAF) programme! A free award that advocates outdoor learning and hands-on experiences, which result in young people getting more involved in, and a better understanding of, the natural world.

Now in it’s 21st year the LEAF programme operates in 28 countries and engages with nearly 1,000,000 young people from around the world to help raise awareness of our forest ecosystems. From ancient woodlands to local parks, from school grounds to backyards, from trees to lichen the LEAF programme enables all who take part to reconnect with nature in their local community.

Thanks to funding from our friends at Frugi our LEAF programme and LEAF Award are open each academic year and free to all:

  • Nurseries, schools and colleges.
  • Youth Groups – such as Scouts and Youth Climate Networks.
  • Registered Home Schoolers.

Existing Eco-Schools can work through the LEAF programme to apply for the LEAF Award as a stand alone accreditation, and can also use their LEAF programme actions as topic evidence when applying for their Eco-Schools Green Flag. Double, global, international environmental award bonus!!!

To date through the LEAF programme over 84,000 trees have been planted!

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Please note: Registered Eco-Schools will still need to complete the simple LEAF registration form to join as LEAF is a separate education programme and free award managed by the education team at Keep Britain Tidy.

The person registering a school, youth group or home-schooled family for the LEAF programme must be over 18 years of age and be in a role or position that enables them to help young people work through the ‘Forest Cycle’ to achieve their LEAF Award.

We suggest this person is: employed by a nursery, school or college, a youth group lead such as a Scout Leader or the parent/guardian responsible for home-schooling.


LEAF Programme Guides

We have created 3 LEAF Guides with everything you and your Forest Eco-Committee need to work through the LEAF Forest Cycle over the next year ready to apply for your free LEAF Award in Summer 2022 .

EYFS/Primary Secondary/Youth Groups Home Schoolers

Global LEAF Campaign

Join our international Gaia 20:30 Biodiversity Campaign to work with others from around the globe on LEAF actions.

Find Out More about Gaia 20:30

Gaia 20:30 contains a set of of activities that emphasise the importance of protecting nature. Our global campaign is aligned with the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration (the new LEAF Theme for this year) and follows the targets of #GenerationRestoration.

Global LEAF Case Studies

This publication contains 22 example activities that have been implemented all over the world through the Learning about Forest programme. Through sharing these stories, we aim to promote outdoor education and inspire teachers to use nature as a classroom.

Read Case Studies

LEAF Award

The LEAF Award application window will open on 1st June 2022.



Schools, youth groups and home schoolers can apply for their LEAF Award between 1st June and 31st July every year.

You can apply by:

  • Completing the online form, which will be made available here on 1st June.

The Eco-Schools England team will be assessing all LEAF Award applications throughout June and July.

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