Litter Less Campaign

The global Eco-Schools Litter Less Campaign is back!

10 days – 7 actions between 18th to the 28th of October

Litter Less is a 10-day international campaign and competition open to Eco-Schools, none Eco-Schools, home educators and youth groups. Between the 18th and 28th October 2021 participants will be asked to complete 7 Litter Less actions that promote sustainable behaviour change for litter, waste and pollution. Each day participants will also be invited to share their thoughts and findings on various social media platforms using the hashtag #LitterLessCampaign and also complete two very short surveys to help measure the global impact of the Litter Less Campaign. Participants will also be able to take part in an international Zero-Waste video competition, with a cash prize available!

All 7 Litter Less actions are easy to fulfil, short and can be adapted to any context (e.g. as a lesson in school, or an activity in a youth group meeting). We generally recommend completing one action per day, however, teachers and youth guides can freely adapt the number of actions completed per day to suit the context they work in.

To take part in the Litter Less Campaign this October, or enter the Zero-Waste video competition, you must register to take part here:

Litter Less Campaign Actions

From the 18th-28th October 2021 the #LitterLessCampaign will be open Eco-Schools, none Eco-Schools, home educators and youth groups!

Litter Less International Teaching Guide Litter Less Presentation

Over the 10 days participants to the will be asked to complete  seven actions to help reduce waste and pollution in their schools and local communities.

Participants will also be asked to complete two surveys to help measure the impact of the Litter Less Campaign globally. Surveys will be completed during Action 1 and Action 6.

When you have completed both surveys don’t forget to download your Litter Less Campaign participation certificate and display on your Eco-Board!

Litter Less Campaign Competition

Find how your school or youth group could win 100USD prize money from Eco-Schools International by taking part in action 5!

The most challenging action is the ‘Zero-waste Day’ (Action 5), during which students try to live a whole day without producing any waste at all. i.e. they can separate their waste, but not produce new waste that goes to incineration or landfill. Students then have the opportunity to submit their ‘Zero-waste’ 1-minute videos as entries to the Litter Less international competition even if they are not registered with the Eco-Schools or LEAF programmes

The best competition entries from each country will be submitted to Eco-Schools international by the countries national Eco-Schools operator. In England, the Eco-Schools team at Keep Britain Tidy will pick the 3 best video entries that have been submitted on social media, with the #LitterLessCampaign and with Eco-Schools England tagged. The 3 national entries will be sent to Eco-Schools International within 10 days after the campaign ends (12 November).

All participants taking part in the campaign and publishing posts, photos, videos in social media must give consent to the following declaration:


When taking part in the litter-less campaign (#litterlesscampaign) and/or litter-less competition, you agree that FEE can process the personal data provided in your posts, photos and videos, so we can assess your entry to the competition and promote the campaign further using our media channels and sharing it with the Litter Less Campaign partners and sponsors. You always have the option to withdraw your consent and your submission to the competition.

The Data Controller is Foundation for Environmental Education Scandiagade 13, 2450 Copenhagen SV, DENMARK +45 61 24 80 78


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