Mindfulness Minutes

Eco-Schools England need your help to achieve one million minutes of mindfulness in schools and at home. Using our new Mindfulness Minutes eco-project we want to help young people, school staff and families find the valuable time they need in their busy lives to integrate better mental health and well being practice.

Between January and June 2021 schools and families are asked to choose four weeks of term time when pupils will lead a series of mindfulness actions across the whole school or home. Using the our age specific guides, young people will be shown how to promote and record mindfulness practice in their class bubbles, assemblies, during lunch time and even whilst travelling to and from school. Staff are also encouraged to take part in the project; mindfulness in meetings and mindfulness playground duty all count.

At the end of the four week period pupils and families will calculate the total number of mindfulness minutes achieved collectively and submit to Eco-Schools England as part of a national goal to achieve one million minutes.

Schools Mindfulness Minutes Guides

With the help of some of our fantastic Eco-Schools we have been able to develop three differentiated Mindfulness Minutes guides for Early Years, Primary and Secondary/College to help your Eco-Committee integrate mindfulness practice across four weeks of term time. The Mindfulness Minutes guides below contain everything you need to get started and plan for four weeks of mindfulness practice in your school. The guides are also linked to the Eco-Schools Seven Steps so every minute of mindfulness carried out also helps your school work towards an international Eco-Schools Green Flag.

Early Years Primary Secondary/College

#EcoSchoolsAtHome Mindfulness Minutes Guide

Due to popular demand and on behalf of all our Eco-Schools we would like to invite families, youth groups and partner organisations from around the world to join our #EcoSchoolsAtHome Mindfulness Minutes mental health and well being campaign.

Family Mindfulness Minutes Guide

Submit your Mindfulness Minutes Totals

We need all schools taking part in the Mindfulness Minutes  eco-project to please submit the results of their mindfulness actions before 30th June 2021 in order to help our schools collectively achieve 1,000,000 minutes of mindfulness in just six months!

We will be asking schools to submit the following results:

The number of minutes of mindfulness carried out in total during weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4.

How many pupils involved in your Mindfulness Minutes actions during weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4.

How many staff involved in your Mindfulness Minutes action during weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4.



Early Years Primary Secondary/College Parents/Guardians

This Eco-Project can be linked to the Eco-Schools Topics:


Many mindfulness activities involve engaging with nature, observing trees, smelling flowers or feeling the grass between your toes. You might decide to improve biodiversity within your school as part of this project, or your participation might simply lead to a better understanding and a greater appreciation of nature - both link to our Biodiversity topic.

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Healthy Living

Paying more attention to the present moment, your own thoughts and feelings can improve your mental well-being helping pupils enjoy the world around them and understand their thoughts and feelings. Improving mental well-being can then lead to improved physical well-being.

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School Grounds

As part of a longer Mindfulness Minutes project, you might want to create a mindfulness, sensory area in your School Grounds. You might decide to create a sensory garden with lots of bee and butterfly-friendly plants or an area of school where students can go to take a minute to be mindful.

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