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Diversey in partnership with Eco-Schools; helping you on your sustainable journey.

Keeping your staff, students and visitors safe is a priority for all schools, and so we’ve teamed up with the fantastic Diversey to enable you to do just that – in a sustainable way. Diversey have a strong heritage of serving the education sector, and understand that cleaning and hygiene does not need to be complicated; it’s about the right products for the right task at the right time and price.

Diversey has collaborated with the education sector for three decades, working through many legislative changes, to provide you with what you need. They understand that you need to do more with less; and improving the efficacy of cleaning chemicals and efficiency of equipment is what they do best.

Diversey, as headline partner of Eco-Schools, is here to help you on your sustainable journey. Sustainability and Environmentalism is in their DNA, with a track record over the past 80 years. Some of the credentials that make them a fantastic asset to Eco-Schools in England, in their own words:

WWF Climate Savers: We care about protecting the climate. We doubled our commitment to reduce absolute Greenhouse Gas Emissions, achieving a reduction of 48.5% in the 10 years to 2013. Find out more here. 

SURE: The latest addition to our sustainable story, the SURE range is plant-based and 100% biodegradable to deliver superior professional results while being safe for people and kind to the environment. With environmentally-friendly ingredients from renewable resources, SURE products meet all your daily requirements for kitchens, facilities and personal care. Learn more about SURE.

Eco-Label: EU Ecolabel certified products that have been formulated to be as sustainable as possible.

Super Concentrated Cleaning Chemicals: Highly innovative dosing and dilution systems, with super concentrates inside, to ensure less water is shipped and therefore less waste.

AISE: We were the first business-to-business chemical manufacturer to be awarded the AISE charter for sustainable cleaning.

For guidance on how you can make your cleaning more sustainable, check out their White Paper Many Shades of Green and the ways in which your school can make a difference.

For guidance on hygiene in schools, check out this document produced by Diversey to help you when it comes to sustainability.

For guidance on general cleaning in schools, check out this document produced by Diversey to help you.

Diversey are passionate about doing the right thing – maintaining the highest standards whilst pushing for ever increasing sustainability.

They are also dedicated to helping us make the Eco-Schools programme the best it can be. A group of staff from Diversey have already volunteered their time to become Eco-Schools Assessors and we are excited about what they can bring to the programme as our Headline Sponsors.

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You can find a greener version of pretty much everything your school uses; pencils, carpets, uniforms, energy. Here you can investigate how you can ‘green’ your school

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