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Energy story: Riverview Infants School Energy Police

Riverview Infants School have an active Eco-Committee who act as the school’s Energy Police. They informed the whole school by running an assembly to explain the importance of switching off lights and computers when not in use.

Since then, the Energy Police check every classroom each week when the room is empty, to see if all lights and computers have been switched off. They award the class a green or red disc, depending on what they have found, which is displayed on the classroom door. This also shows the rest of the school which classes are doing well and which ones need improvement, keeping all pupils (and teachers) involved in the work on the Energy topic.

To make sure that having the Energy Police in school is working and making a difference, they decided that they needed to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness. To do this, the pupils keep a simple record of what colour disc they awarded each class by writing the date and the name of the class in red or green in an Energy Police book. This has proven to be a very simple and effective way for infants to monitor and evaluate, as they can easily see which class is always doing well and which classes may need a reminder.

Interactive Eco-School

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