Step 4 Curriculum Links

Including environmental issues in your learning

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Curriculum Links Criteria

In order to achieve the international Green Flag award a school or nursery must meet the following criteria, which has been created for Early Years settings

  • Environmental issues have been covered in at least three areas of your school or nursery’s curriculum. This is evident in children’s work/learning journeys or schemes of work and lesson plans.
  • OPTIONAL FOR FIRST GREEN FLAG: Your evidence is from a broad range of ages.
  • Your evidence does not have to be from the same Eco-Schools topics as those chosen for your Action Plan.

Eco-Schools Team Tips

Why not plan an Eco-Day or Week with all learning focused on environmental issues? This is a great, and celebratory, way to make sure all children are involved in eco-education. If you’re just beginning your Eco-Schools journey an Eco-Day or week also makes it easy to find all the evidence you need for this step in one go!

Curriculum Links FAQs

Everything you need to know about including environmental issues in your curriculum

Our setting doesn’t follow a curriculum, how do we work on this step?

The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage provides plenty of opportunities for environmental issues to be covered in activities and experiences. These issues may be covered through play, exploration, active learning or thinking critically. If you have organised any activities that help children learn about environmental issues then this is suitable evidence for your Green Flag application.

Our setting doesn’t prodice formal written work, how can we gather evidence?

For early years settings evidence can include: crafts, drawings, mark making, photos, videos or any other pieces of evidence you may have gathered for a child’s learning journey.

Does our curriculum evidence have to be from the same topics we have worked on in our Action Plan?

No, it can be from any of our ten topics.

How many pieces of curriculum evidence do we need?

You need to gather three pieces of evidence, during the Green Flag application process you will be asked to briefly describe each piece of evidence.

We have found our evidence what next?

You should display good examples of curriculum work on your Eco-Board you can do this by photocopying work or printing photos of children engaged in Eco-Schools learning. If one of your actions is to reduce paper usage these curriculum links can also be highlighted on your nursery website.

Julia Durbin Day Nursery, Oxford

The children at Julia Durbin Day Nursery love the book Whatever Next by Jill Murphy and staff at the nursery designed junk modelling activities, based on this interest, to promote the message that everything can have a successful second 'life.' Children were provided with a cardboard box and encouraged to search for other recycled materials to create a rocket ship inspired by the main character in Whatever Next! The activity allowed staff to lead discussion about the importance of recycling, whilst covering a wide range of Early Years Foundation Stage Goals including: Literacy, Expressive Arts & Design, developing communication and language as well as furthering an understanding of the world.

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