Step 5 Informing and Involving

Involving everyone in your Eco-Schools work

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Informing and Involving Criteria

In order to achieve the international Green Flag award a school or nursery must meet the following criteria, which has been created for Early Years settings

  • Your school or nursery has a prominent and designated Eco-Board detailing all work on the Eco-Schools Seven Steps and chosen topic actions. This includes:
    • Eco-Committee members with age and photograph (if possible)
    • Evidence of Eco-Committee meetings
    • A completed copy of the Eco-Schools Environmental Review
    • Your Action Plan
    • Examples of Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Your Eco-Code
    • Evidence of project work
  • Your Eco-Board should be regularly updated to reflect your Eco-Schools work.
  • Adults on the Eco-Committee use a variety of mediums to help communicate their topic actions (for example social media, website, e-newsletters).
  • Your whole school or nursery and its wider community is involved in Eco-Schools work (for example¬†parents, carers, local authorities, businesses, charities, neighbouring school and residential groups).

Informing and Involving Resources

Resources to help you Inform and Involve.

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Informing and Involving in Seven Steps

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Eco-Schools Team Tips

Get parents, guardians or grandparents involved, invite them to help you with your gardening or join you on a local litter pick.

Informing and Involving FAQs

Everything you need to know about Informing and Involving

What does Informing and Involving mean?

To maximise the impact of your Eco-Schools work it is important to involve as many people from your setting and its community as possible.

Why is the Eco-Board such an important part of the Green Flag application process?

We place a lot of emphasis on the Eco-Board because it allows us to see evidence for each of the Seven Steps in one place. This is important because the Eco-Schools team never send a Green Flag Assessor to a school or nursery unless we are confident they are working at Green Flag level Рthis helps avoid disappointment after an assessment (celebration) visit.

How do we inform young children about our Eco-Schools work?

The best way to inform very young children about your Eco-Schools work is actively involving them in your topic actions. Topic actions in your Action Plan should aim to involve as many children in your school or nursery as possible.

How do we involve our wider community in our Eco-Schools work?

When creating your Action Plan, you should aim to think of actions that can involve your wider community, for example if working on our Litter Topic, why not invite parents/guardians to litter pick alongside their children.


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