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A rallying call everyone can get behind

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Eco-Code Criteria

In order to achieve the international Green Flag award a school or nursery must meet the following criteria, which has been created for Early Years settings

  • Children on the Eco-Committee are involved in creating your Eco-Code.
  • Your Eco-Code must reflect the topics you are working on in your Action Plan.
  • Your Eco-Code is displayed on your Eco-Board and throughout your school or nursery.
  • Children are aware of or have an understanding of the Eco-Code depending on their age or stage.

Eco-Code Resources

Resources to help you create the perfect Eco-Code

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Example Early Years Eco-Code

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Eco-Schools Team Tips

Make your Eco-Code simple so younger children can interact with it, the Eco-Schools team all love when an early years Eco-Code is performed to a nursery rhyme or song.

Eco-Code FAQs

Everything you need to know about creating an Eco-Code

What is an Eco-Code? 

The Eco-Code is the Eco-Committee’s mission statement. It should demonstrate – in a positive, clear and imaginative way, a commitment to improving your environment. The Eco-Code can take any form you like: song, statement, picture, poem etc.

How often do we need to change the Eco-Code?

We recommend you update your Eco-Code every two years to coincide with your Green Flag application. This is because the Eco-Code should reflect the current topics your nursery or school is working on in their Action Plan.

How can our children be involved in creating the Eco-Code?

Whilst they may be too young to create an Eco-Code by themselves, they should have the opportunity to share ideas about what they want to include in their Eco-Code.

Do all children have to know our Eco-Code?

No, some children in Early Years settings may be too young to memorise the Eco-Code. Where possible, we would expect children to be aware of the Eco-Code and have some understanding of it. If it helps your Eco-Code can be linked to an existing nursery rhyme or song that your children already know. See our great example from Everton Nursery- you will be humming it for the rest of the day ?

Where should we display our Eco-Code?

Your Eco-Code should be displayed on your Eco-Board and in various other places within your building.

Why is this the final step?

The Eco-Code is the final step as it should reflect the work your Eco-Committee have carried out to achieve Green Flag status – it’s your celebration statement!

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