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Mindfulness Minutes

Try our Mindfulness Minutes National Call to Action designed to promote mental well-being amongst young people throughout England

Mindfulness Minutes Seven Step Guide

Many of us live our lives rushing through the school day, blink and it’s the end of term. Life is happening, but we may not notice due to everything else that is going on in our school environment.

This week long project aims to get pupils and school staff thinking about, and actively promoting, positive mental health and well-being.

Other Ideas

We accept any actions linked to physical and mental health for your school’s Green Flag application, here are some of our favourite projects and resources.

The RHS Big Soup Share

The Big Soup Share is an annual event (although resources are available all year round), the premise is nice and simple: harvest your school grown produce, turn it into delicious and healthy soup that you can share with everyone.

Find out more about the Big Soup Share here

Meat Free Monday

Meat Free Monday is a simple, effective and fun way to become more responsible global citizens, coming together as a school community to help the planet and promote healthy food. The Schools programme includes ideas for teachers, tips for students, information for parents and advice for caterers.

Read more about Meat Free Monday here

Healthy Living Topic Winner, Eco-Schools Award Ceremony

Cradle Hill improved mental health in their school by introducing Mindfulness with Eco-Schools Mindfulness Minutes campaign.

Read Cradle Hill’s Mindfulness Minutes story here


Windermere Day Nursery, Kettering

Gardening is used in Windermere Day Nursery to build confidence and self-esteem, whilst teaching their young children about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Following discussion on their favourite foods and researching the care and resources needed for a variety of plants, the Eco-Committee at Windermere (consisting of six pre-schoolers) decided they wanted to grow: strawberries, carrots, beans, corn, courgettes, potatoes and herbs. Allowing the children to decide what they want to grow not only fits in with the pupil-led nature of the Eco-Schools programme, it also leads to increased engagement and encourages children to take additional responsibility to nurture and harvest their plants. Children have taken great pride in seeing their crops used in sensory tasting activities and as snacks or part of healthy meals. They even collect and compost any leftovers to ensure they have quality food to keep their plants healthy!

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Penshurst Primary School, Hessle

Nursery Children at Penshurst Primary enjoy nothing more than growing their own vegetables. For their latest potato project, they began by chitting potatoes, which they then planted. Next they watched and waited for shoots to grow before harvesting their produce. Finally, they used their potatoes to cook and eat a mashed potato feast!

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