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David Luke: 16 Under 16

’16 Under 16′ is a group of extraordinary young people that, Marine topic sponsor and Eco-Uniform supplier, David Luke have bought together to champion change.

’16 Under 16′ Projects 

Eco-Schools and Marine topic sponsor David Luke have collaborated to produce these free project guides for schools. Based on the 16’s own eco-projects, these guides can be used to provide inspiration for your own early years projects. From creating beeswax wraps for staff to getting all children involved in becoming a ‘Plastic Clever,’ school or nursery, each of these projects can help you work towards a Green Flag award and they are even linked to the Eco-Schools international Seven Steps!

David Luke, Where Does Your Uniform Come From? Lesson Plan and Presentation

A lesson plan aimed at Key Stage One and Two investigating the environmental impact of the various materials used to make school uniforms. Accessible Version.

David Luke YouTube Channel

Videos from David Luke including how plastic bottles can be turned into school uniforms and ideas from the 16 Under 16.

Other Ideas

Make a splash, check out some of our favourite free project and resource ideas to help you work on our Marine topic including the amazing and inspirational Kids Against Plastic.

Kids Against Plastic 

A charity setup by kids, for kids! You can become one of their ‘Plastic Clever’ schools by working through 4 simple steps!

Become Plastic Clever!

Marine Stewardship Council

The Marine Stewardship Council have produced a variety of teaching and learning resources to help young people discover how we can keep our oceans healthy for generations to come – the perfect accompaniment to a beach clean!

Learn about Ocean Sustainability with the Marine Stewardship Council

WWF’s Adopt a Marine Animal

You could raise funds to adopt a marine animal such as a dolphin or turtle through the WWF or other charities. Often, when you adopt an animal you receive a free cuddly toy – sending this cuddly toy home with a different child to look after each week is a great idea that can lead to discussion on how we can care for their wild relatives in our oceans.

Adopt an Animal

Marine Topic Winner, Eco-Schools Award Ceremony

Sutton High School used art to highlight the impact of single-use plastics on our oceans, read their story and see their amazing artwork below.

View a whale-size statement on plastic waste


Balloon and Lantern Release Statement

We know that balloon releases have been a traditional way to celebrate special achievements or events, but our attitudes towards them need to change. ‘Biodegradable’ balloon or lantern releases in schools are not part of our ethos and will be challenged. Please use our Plastic Alternatives Guide for other ideas to balloon or lantern releases, glitter and single use plastics in schools.

Grasshoppers Day Nursery, St. Albans

Summer activities at Grasshoppers are often themed around holidays and seaside visits, which provide endless opportunity to discuss the fragility of marine habitats.
Staff at Grasshoppers decided to design an experiment to demonstrate to their young eco-warriors how damaging litter is to our oceans.
Using water play trays, to create a marine environment for sea life toys, staff then began adding different materials like plastic bottles and banana skins! The young children were able to see how difficult these new items made it for their marine toys to move around, leading to rich discussion on whether they would enjoy swimming in other people's rubbish and whether marine animals would understand that litter was not food to be eaten.
Now, young children at Grasshoppers clearly understand that we have a responsibility to respect and protect marine life and this simple introduction to science developed communication and language skills as well as an understanding of the world!

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