Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle

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Eco-Schools National Waste Survey

If you are a staff member, parent, carer, governor or any other member of the school or nursery community, please take the time to complete our quick and simple National Waste Survey. This survey will provide valuable insights into how the Eco-Schools England team can encourage more recycling in schools and nurseries throughout England – it can also be used as evidence towards your Eco-Schools Green Flag Award.

Complete National Waste Survey

(Re)Love Our Stuff

Eco-Schools (Re)Love Our Stuff National Call to Action puts your school or nursery at the heart of your community through organising, advertising and hosting a pop-up second-hand clothes shop

(Re)Love Our Stuff Seven Step Guide

(Re)Love Our Stuff was developed by Eco-Schools and Keep Britain Tidy’s Centre for Social Innovation. Inspired by the Eco-Schools Seven Step Framework, (Re)Love Our Stuff prevents clothing going to landfill, puts you at the heart of your community and creates financial savings for parents by providing instructions for  your school or nursery to organise and deliver a second-hand, pop-up clothes shop event. Good luck!

Other Ideas

There are a lot of other charities and organisations providing fabulous and free resources that may help you work on our Waste topic, here are a few of our favourites.

Damers First School Eco-Crew: Ten Tips to Becoming Plastic Free

Eco-Schools experts The Eco-Crew from Damers First School, have written a fantastic guide to help other schools reduce the use of plastic in their schools. You can read their absolutely fantastic tips below (written 100% by children) and if you want to create a guide to help other schools reduce their impact on the environment the Eco-Schools team would love to see and share it!

Damers’ Ten Tips to Becoming Plastic Free


Terracycle are a global leader in recycling hard-to-recycle waste. They offer a range of free recycling programmes, so you can start collecting in your school or nursery, alternatively, if there is already a scheme in your area they will tell you where it is and how to get in touch.

Begin recycling with Terracyle

Local Authority Waste Services

The Waste Services department of many councils will offer free support to schools, ranging from helping to organise litter picking events to delivering recycling workshops in your school. In our LEA Support Pages you can find the contacts of many Waste Authorities – if yours isn’t there tell them to get in touch and the Eco-Schools team will add them on.

Eco-Schools LEA Support Pages

Waste Topic Award Winner, Eco-Schools Award Ceremony

Dean Trust Ardwick litter picked, introduced reusable bottles and even invited Manchester City Council in to help when working on the Eco-Schools Waste topic.

Read about Dean Trust Ardwick

Grasshoppers Day Nursery, Aylesbury

Each room in Grasshoppers day nursery has a wide variety of materials available for junk modelling activities, however, the Eco-Committee decided to take junk modelling to the next level. Having researched ecobricks, parents are asked to contribute empty plastic bottles, the Eco-Committee then diligently gather in the garden area and tightly fill them with soft plastic, using a stick to push the plastic down and eventually creating a strong building brick. Children are then responsible for counting the ecobricks (developing maths skills) and deciding what they will construct with their ecobricks (expressive arts and design), all whilst discussing the importance of recycling (communication and language). The Eco-Committee are now busy constructing ecobrick chairs, tables and colourful walls for their nursery garden!

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