Three Curriculum Link Examples

  • English – write an instructional text about how to safely conduct a litter pick: ‘Litter-acy.’
  • Maths – record the different litter items found during a litter pick in a graph or chart, can this be reduced (Step 6).
  • Art – use ‘clean’ litter to create artworks and sculptures.

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Balloon & Lantern Releases
We know that balloon releases have been a traditional way to celebrate special achievements or events, but our attitudes towards them need to change. ‘Biodegradable’ balloon or lantern releases in schools are not part of our ethos and will be challenged. Please use our Plastic Alternatives Guide for other ideas to balloon or lantern releases, glitter and single use plastics in schools.

The Great Big School Clean

The Great Big School Clean is part of the Great British Spring Clean campaign by Keep Britain Tidy.

We want schools across the country to help make Friday 22nd March 2019 the biggest school clean up ever, showing parents and local communities how it’s done.


Everything you could possibly need to run litter picking events in and around your Eco-School, and all linked to the Seven Steps!

Keep Britain Tidy Seven Step Litter Guide

School Examples

Some ‘rubbish’ examples of Litter actions from our amazing Eco-Schools.

We would love to know how your litter picking actions are going and if your have made an impact:

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