Three Curriculum Link Examples

  • English –  write a balanced argument about whether single-use plastics should be banned.
  • Science – identify a series of everyday materials and their properties, can they be recycled?
  • Physical Education –create and use a ‘Junkyard Gym.’

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(Re)Love Our Stuff

(Re)Love Our Stuff focuses on the issues of reusing and recycling by allowing pupils the chance run a pop up clothes shop.

(Re)Love Our Stuff Seven Step Guide

(Re)Love Our Stuff was developed by Eco-Schools and Keep Britain Tidy’s Centre for Social Innovation. Inspired by the Eco-Schools Seven Step Framework, (Re)Love Our Stuff gives your pupils the chance to manage a real life project that delivers measurable environmental savings.

School Examples

If you have done amazing work on our Waste topic, let us know!

Damers First School

Children in the Eco-Committee and Entrepreneur Club at Damers First School worked together to design, make and market an eco-product called Waxtastic No Plastic, the children even designed their own logo!

Waxtastic is a piece of 100% cotton material dipped in Dorset beeswax and dried. It is used as an alternative to cling film to wrap or cover all foods except meat. It is 100% eco-friendly.

The children sold their product outside a local supermarket, at a farmers market and even at festivals over the summer holidays. They have raised an extraordinary 3350 pounds so far and are planning to use this money to create a nature area (with a pond)!

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