Silver Award criteria

Silver Award criteria

Steps 4, 5, & 6

After achieving their Bronze Award, your Eco-Committee will be eager to progress towards the Silver Award, on average this will take around 6 months.

The Silver Award  is self-assessed online and focuses on the activities you are undertaking on the one Eco-Schools topic you have chosen. If you feel you have met the criteria listed below, please login to your account to complete the free self-assessment.

STEP 4: Monitoring action and evaluating progress 

  • Your Eco-Committee monitors the effectiveness of their Eco-Schools work: via data collection or before and after photographs etc.
  • This evidence is communicated to the whole school and on display on your Eco-Board.
  • Some monitoring data has been effectively used in curriculum work for example creating graphs and charts on energy and water usage to be used in maths lessons (this also supports Step 6).
  • Evidence and data collected has been analysed and evaluated to help pupils develop further actions.

STEP 5: Involving your whole school and wider community

  • Your school has a prominent and designated Eco-Board detailing all Eco-Schools activities, including a copy of your Environmental Review, Action Plan, minutes, before and after photographs and photographs of Eco-Committee members (or list of student names if photos not possible)
  • Your Eco-Board should be kept up to date.
  • Your Eco-Committee could use a variety of mediums to help communicate their actions; newsletters, school website, the school’s Twitter account – be inventive!
  • The wider community is involved in activities going on in and around the school, for example parents, carers, local businesses, environmental organisations, local churches and residential groups and homes.

STEP 6: Linking to the curriculum

  • Environmental issues have been covered in at least three areas of the curriculum by most year groups; this is clearly evident in schemes of work and lesson plans.

Remember to maintain the excellent progress you  made during Steps 1, 2 & 3 also!

Applying for your award

  • The Silver Award is self-assessed.
  • Complete your assessment by logging into our assessment site.
  • You will be able to download a Silver Award logo and certificate to be very proudly display at your school and on your website and other literature.

Interactive Eco-School

You can find a greener version of pretty much everything your school uses; pencils, carpets, uniforms, energy. Here you can investigate how you can ‘green’ your school

Interactive Eco-School