Reducing energy use and investigating greener energy sources.

Curriculum Examples

  • English –write an informational text about saving energy at home and in school.
  • Maths – measure and record the temperature in class regularly and use this data to create a graph or chart (Step 6).
  • Science – create a variety of mechanisms to understand how a smaller force can have a greater effect

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Other Actions

There are lots of other charities providing free resources and project ideas that can help and inspire you to work on our Energy Topic from collecting used batteries for the Big Battery Hunt to participating in Earth Hour.


The Big Battery Hunt

The UK’s biggest school battery recycling programme (4 million batteries recycled last year), gives pupils the exciting opportunity to be pioneers in battery recycling: encouraging the whole nation to recycle more batteries and making a real difference to our planet.

Check out the Big Battery Hunt website and join the Big Battery Hunt community.

Earth Hour

Earth Hour is the World’s biggest switch off event – a moment millions come together for nature, people and the planet. WWF provide plenty of resources and activities that can be used in the days or weeks leading up to Earth Hour or when planning your school’s very own Earth Hour event.

Find out more about Earth Hour

Energy Topic Winner, Eco-Schools Award Ceremony

St Cuthbert’s won our first ever Energy topic Award by planning a whole school day without electricity click below to find out how they did it.

Read about St Cuthbert’s no energy day


School Examples

Gorringe Park Primary School, Surrey

In order to help reduce energy use in their school, the Eco-Committee at Gorringe Park decided to label all the electrical devices around the school using a traffic light system:
Red meant the devices needed to always be left on
Amber that the devices could be switched off (but only by an adult)
Green for devices that could be switched off by adult or child
Placing these stickers throughout the whole school meant Gorringe Park could save energy and raise awareness of energy use, great!

School Website

Saint James Church of England Primary School, Wigan

As part of Switch Off Fortnight the Eco-Committee decided that each class would have a light monitor. Initially the class Eco-Committee member took this role, so whenever the children were leaving the classroom they would stand at the back of the line and turn off the lights. As the months went by, other children wanted to take on this role, so each week the class teacher would choose another child to do the job. In the end, each child was involved in turning lights off and saving energy. Switch Off Fortnight stickers were put next to the light switches, so that whoever leaves the classroom last now remembers to turn off the lights.

School Website

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