Global Citizenship

Working with others on local and global issues.

Curriculum Examples

  • English – read and use stories from other cultures as a basis for English lessons.
  • Art – use influences from a wide range of cultures in art work.
  • Science – investigate different habitats and ecosystems from around the globe.

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(Re)Love Our Gadgets

Our new national call to action for the Global Citizenship topic is here!

(Re)Love Our Gadgets Seven Step Guide

In the age of rapidly developing technology and increased e-waste our new Global Citizenship call to action will show schools how to (re)love their electronic gadgets in a way that benefits isolated members of their local community.


Other Actions

Working with local, national and international charities will be accepted as evidence for our Global Citizenship topic from Send a Cow, helping to lift an African Community out of Poverty, to learning about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Send a Cow

Send a Cow trains rural African communities in the skills they need to grow food and earn an income, their resources facilitate conversations with students about Africa, food and sustainability teaching young people to be global citizens. Their living with wildlife appeal teaches school children in Uganda about conservation.

Learn more about Send a Cow here

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Interestingly, like Eco-Schools the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were a result of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. The SDGs are a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all by addressing the interlocking global challenges we face for example poverty or climate change.

Find Sustainable Development Goal school resources here

World’s Largest Lesson

The World’s Largest Lesson provides free resources to help teachers introduce each of the Sustainable Development Goals to children.

Plan the World’s Largest Lesson

Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. You can become a Fair Trade School or register for their annual Fairtrade Fortnight below.

Fairtrade Schools’ Resources

Global Citizenship Topic Winner, Eco-Schools Award Ceremony

Amongst 2 weeks worth of whole school activities, St John’s completed a Run for the Rainforest raising funds to purchase and preserve acres of rainforest in Mexico.

Read about their Run for the Rainforest here

School Examples

Gorse Hall Primary School, Stalybridge

To celebrate World Earth Day, the fabulous Eco-Coordinator and Eco-Committee at Gorse Hall Primary school planned a, 'Restore Our Earth' day. Throughout the day, all pupils took part in a variety of activities to highlight the issues our planet faces as well as completing eco-actions planned to combat these issues. Pupil activities included: dressing in the colour of their favourite animal, bird or flower; collecting money for Water Aid; making an eco-wish; creating eco-awareness posters; designing environmentally-themed mosaics to display outside school; planting flowers around the school boundary; and completing litter picks. The day was a huge success! In the words of Eco-Coordinator Kathleen, "Such a fabulous day... the children were enthusiastic and remained actively engaged in all the activities they took part in: the smiles on their faces summed it up!"

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Perdiswell Primary School, Worcester

As part of our work on the Global Citizenship and Litter topics the Eco-Committee decided that we wanted to encourage the school to pick up litter in the local area over the summer holidays. We also discussed the problem of plastic pollution around the world and how we could help from Perdiswell.

We came up with the idea that as some of the children would be travelling abroad (over the summer holidays) and some would be staying more locally we could encourage children to pick up litter both locally and internationally: this would then highlight that litter and pollution is a global issue, not just a local one.

We put together an assembly using powerful images of animals from around the world (with the help of a David Attenborough video) and pitched the idea to our school.

Upon returning for the new academic year we found we had pictures of our pupils litter picking from all over the world including California, Vietnam, Mexico and lots more pictures from closer to home. We put our pictures on display in our dinner hall so everyone could see how Perdiswell had set an example to the world!

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