Healthy Living

Improving mental and physical well-being.

Curriculum Examples

  • Maths – create a Venn diagram showing healthy and unhealthy foods.
  • Science – describe the physical and mental importance of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Design and Technology – learn to cook balanced meals, possibly with food grown in the schools grounds.

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Mindfulness Minutes

Thanks to a generous donation Eco-Schools have been able to create Mindfulness Minutes: a national call to action aimed at promoting mental well-being in schools across England.

Mindfulness Minutes Seven Step Guide

Many of us live our lives rushing through the school day, blink and it’s the end of term. Life is happening, but we may not notice due to everything else that is going on in our school environment.

This week long project aims to get pupils and school staff thinking about, and actively promoting, positive mental health and well-being.

School Examples

Laurance Haines, Watford

Laurance Haines Eco-Committee and School Nutrition Action Group have been reducing food waste and encouraging healthy eating by running a 'tuck shop' to redistribute the fruit and vegetable snacks that Key Stage One and Early Years children don't consume to Key Stage Two children each afternoon. This counts towards the Healthy Living and Waste Eco-Schools topics!

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