School Grounds

Enhancing where you work and play.

Curriculum Examples

  • English – write a story about an animal living within your school grounds.
  • Science – identify the plants within school grounds, how does this vary across the seasons?
  • Maths- design a new eco-school playground; plot the playground on graph paper and work out the area and perimeter of your different eco-features.

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Other Actions

This topic can easily be linked to other actions for Biodiversity, Healthy Living and Global Citizenship.

If you have limited outdoor space visit one of our Green Flag Parks


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School Examples

Birchwood Primary School, Ipswich

A pupil at Birchwood noticed that their parents would buy fresh herbs (wrapped in plastic), from the supermarket each week to cook dinner with. Often their parents only used a small amount of the herbs before the plastic wrapping ended up in general waste and the remaining herbs were composted: not great for the environment or the wallet! They decided to bring the problem to their next Eco-Committee meeting to discuss. The Committee decided to grow their own Community Herb Garden. They asked for donations from a local herb grower and used money raised from their farmers market to fund the project. The herb grower came and helped the head (student) gardeners at the school plant it up. The digital leaders took it one stage further and made QR codes for each variety of herb that links you to tasty recipes from the BBC Food Website. Parents and the wider community have been encouraged to come and help themselves!
"It is lovely seeing people out there with a list and scissors collecting their bouquet!"

School Website

Goldthorpe Primary School, Barnsley

As part of our connected curriculum we have created a bespoke outdoor education programme under the Eco-Schools umbrella. Our Eco-Schools programme is made up of five elements: Farm School, Gardening School, Survival School, Conservation School, Construction School.
As part of Gardening School we have been sowing seeds, nurturing the plants and harvesting the produce. We grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, which the children take ownership of and during their Eco-Sessions they work on a variety of projects around our allotment. The produce we grow is used in school lunches - this is a very exciting part of gardening school that engages children in healthy eating and opens them up to trying new things that they wouldn't necessarily have or try at home. We have also started to sell vegetable plants to parents and carers each morning as part of our enterprise projects. This also encourages growing at home: engaging families beyond the school gate!

School Website

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