Finding more environmentally-friendly ways to travel.

Curriculum Examples

  • English – write a persuasive letter to parents to reduce parking near the school grounds.
  • Maths – measure a commute to school in kilometres, meters, hours and minutes and compare how long it takes for pupils to commute to school using various modes of transport.
  • Geography – investigate how developments in transport led to developments in trade and Fairtrade (Global Citizenship Topic).

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Other Actions

There are many other organisations and charities that provide resources and project ideas encouraging schools to travel more sustainably here are some of the Eco-Schools teams’ favourites.

Modeshift Stars

Modeshift Stars is supported by the Department for Transport and is a national award scheme that every school in England can participate in for free. The scheme encourages schools across the country to join in a major effort to increase levels of sustainable and active travel in order to improve the health and wellbeing of young people.

Find out more about Modeshift STARS

Living Streets (Walk to School Week)

Since 1929, Living Streets have wanted children and parents to make walking to school their natural choice. They run the annual Walk to School Week as well as their WOW Year Round Walk to School Challenge, which many councils provide to schools for free.

Learn more about Living Streets

Transport Topic Winner, Eco-Schools Award Ceremony

Avenue Primary School tackled our transport topic in two ways: by raising awareness of issues surrounding air pollution and encouraging their pupils to travel sustainably to school.

Read about Avenue Primary School’s transport action


School Examples

Gorse Hall Primary School, Stalybridge

Pupil Voice is very important at Gorse Hall and pupils wanted to shout out about a silent predator that's difficult to smell and see, but has a devastating impact on humans, animals and natural habitats - air pollution!
The Eco-Committee decided to plan a Clean Air Day to raise awareness and tackle the issue. During the day, Air Pollution Marshalls distributed leaflets explaining how walking, cycling or scooting to school can reduce emissions. Idling engines were also targeted, with pupils designing posters to remind parents and local residents to 'Switch off when you stop!' with one parent commenting "Ignorance isn't bliss if it's affecting our children's health and future."
The video you can see, was created by the Eco-Committee, who are delighted to report that the results of their school's local 'Lichen Hunt' indicate a reduction in air pollution around Gorse Hall!

School Website

Catherine Junior School, Leicester

The Eco-Committee at Catherine Junior school decided that they were going to make Clean Air Day 2019 extra special by working with (the fantastic) Leicester City Council to close the road outside their school for the day in an action that combined Curriculum Links and Informing and Involving perfectly! The Committee worked tirelessly with their Eco-Coordinator and Leicester City Council to organise closing the road for the day and their Clean Air Day was a fantastic success.
Staff members and children either cycled or 'parked 'n' strided' to school and throughout the day lessons were held on the street, races were run and games were played. Every child was beaming and the school's neighbours even opened their doors to join in the activities. This has helped the school to build on their relationships with the local community. The day was so spectacular it even featured on regional television, radio and in local newspapers!

School Website

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