Protecting an important natural resource.

Curriculum Examples 

  • Maths – use measurement to decide how much pupils should fill their water bottle to avoid wasting water.
  • Geography – the water cycle and including access to ‘clean’ drinking water around the world (Global Citizenship too).
  • Science – investigate the different states of matter in relation to global warming.

Look at our Water Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.

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Other Actions

There are plenty of other charities and organisations providing fabulous, free resources and project ideas that could help you work on the Eco-Schools Water Topic from working through GAP’s Water Explorer programme to contacting your local water authority.

Water Explorer

Water Explorer inspires and equips students aged 8-14 all over the world to take bold and powerful action to save our precious water through fun, water-saving missions. Whether you’re a small club, class or whole school their challenges are fully resourced and  can be adapted to fit your objectives and the time you have available.

Learn more about Water Explorer here

Toilet Twinning

2 billion people don’t have somewhere safe to go to the toilet, you can do your bit to help by twinning your school toilets. The Toilet Twinning website provides plenty of resources to help you explain why toilets are important and it also provides you with fundraising ideas so you can twin your school’s toilets.

Learn more about Toilet Twinning here

Water Aid

Too many people don’t have access to clean water, your class can save lives as they learn by joining Water Aid’s campaigns and using their free resources.

Find Water Aid Resources here

Water Authorities

Most water authorities offer free resources, outreach visits or school trips to one of their water processing facilities providing amazing and practical learning experiences for young people.

Find a link to your local water authority here

Water Topic Winner, Eco-Schools Award Ceremony

The Park Primary School investigates natural water sources, made their own water hippos, fixed every toilet in their school and even found time to raise money for a water charity.

Read The Park Primary Schools’ Water, award-winning action here

School Examples

Lutley Primary School, Halesowen

Lutley Primary School hosted a 'Water Warriors Day' during June. Each class began the day by watching a thought-provoking film, available on the WaterAid website under school resources, before discussing issues raised. Through a variety of different activities, each year group explored the topic of water further: some made Water Warrior masks and shields which included messages to share with their families; some took part in a fun pupil pipeline, older children gathered lots of data about water usage and worked in teams to present it to their schoolmates. The entire school wore blue for the day and managed to raise £255 for WaterAid. Now everyone at Lutley has a much greater awareness about the problems faced by families in parts of the world where unfortunately precious, clean water isn't always readily available.

School Website

Penshurst Primary School, Hessle

At Penshurst we are keen to save water, so decided to work on the Eco-School topic Water in our Action Plan. We placed bottles on display as a visual demonstration of how much water a family in Africa has each day, then throughout the day, we tried to use less water by not flushing as regularly and using hand gel to wash our hands instead of water. The children found the day really interesting!

School Website

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