Bystander effect: the theory that not only are we reluctant to be the first to act, but the greater the number of people not doing something, the more we feel we do not have to either.

Fact: The rat population has boomed to 60m due to the huge amounts of litter around, this means there are now almost as many rats as people in the UK.

Use our Litter Pinterest to find ideas to reuse the ‘clean’ litter you have collected

Balloon & Lantern Releases
We know that balloon releases have been a traditional way to celebrate special achievements or events, but our attitudes towards them need to change. ‘Biodegradable’ balloon or lantern releases in schools are not part of our ethos and will be challenged. Please use our Plastic Alternatives Guide for other ideas to replace balloon and lantern releases, glitter and single use plastics in schools.

The Great Big School Clean

Many people unfairly believe that teenagers are the most common type of ‘litter bystander’ – prove them wrong!

Sign up to our Great Big School Clean 22nd March 2019 and show the local community (and your peers) that you care and will act.

Everything our student litter legends need to plan, hold and promote a litter pick: Keep Britain Tidy Seven Step Litter Guide

Other Actions

Plogging: litter picking whilst jogging. Linking the Litter and Healthy Living topics in one action!

Are you (or is one of your teachers) a Keep Britain Tidy #LitterHeroes


School Examples

Litter picking legends from across our Eco-Schools.

Have you got a great way to get more students from your school out litter picking, or best yet ways to stop people littering in the first place, then get in touch: or share your work with us @ecoschools & @keepbritaintidy

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