Built-In Obsolescence: designing a product with a limited useful life, so it will become unfashionable or no longer functional after a period of time. Loom bands!

Fact: On average, every person in Britain throws away 20-25kg of e-waste (same weight as your holiday luggage allowance) each year. Most of these old smart phones, straighteners and games consoles end up in landfills, are incinerated or simply pile-up in drawers and cupboard around your home – just take a look.

Visit out Waste Pinterest to find ways to upcycle everything in school!

(Re)Love Our Stuff

What do you do with the school uniform that no longer fits you (if you don’t have a family member to pass it down to)? What are you going to do with all of your old plastic wallets, files and revision guides when you leave Year 11? With our Eco-Schools campaign you are going to (Re)Love them (any maybe make some money for your school too).

(Re)Love Our Stuff Seven Step Guide

This project will allow you to promote reusing and recycling at the same time as helping your school raise funds and work towards your international Eco-Schools Green Flag. Plus involvement will look great on your CV or UCAS personal statement.


The Big Battery Hunt

The Big Battery Hunt is back for its second year!

The Big Battery Hunt Seven Step Guide

The Big Battery Hunt is back for its second year! The UK’s biggest school battery recycling programme (4 million batteries recycled last year), gives pupils the exciting opportunity to be pioneers in battery recycling: encouraging the whole nation to recycle more batteries and making a real difference to our planet. On top of this, participation can be used as evidence towards your Eco-Schools Green Flag award and there is a chance to win some great prizes!

Check out the Big Battery Hunt website and join the Big Battery Hunt community.

School Examples

Waste topic action led by students

Have you successfully reduced waste in your school? Please tell us about it so we can share with the thousands of other Eco-Schools across the country: eco-schools@keepbritaintidy.org

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