Step 3 Action Plan

The results of your Environmental Review will have given you lots of topic ideas, you now need to decide which you want to work on and write an Action Plan that covers:

  • 3 topics for your Bronze and Silver Awards and 1st Green Flag Award
  • 5 topics for all Green Flag renewals
    • Changing 2 of the topics with every Green Flag renewal

Your Action Plan will include your goals for each topic, actions to explain how you will achieve your goals, information on how you will monitor the progress of your actions, timescales and details about who is going to be involved in each action. When you have written up your Action Plan, make sure the whole school is aware of the content and display it on your Eco-Board so everyone can help you achieve your topic goals. When the actions on each topic are complete, tick them off and evaluate how well they went (Step 6).  Your school should not pay for additional support from third parties in order to carry out Step 3 you decide on what actions best suit your school, its your journey to Green Flag success!

Please use our FREE Action Plan Template as you will need to submit this document when applying for or renewing your Eco-Schools Green Flag.

Action Plan Criteria

In order to achieve the international Green Flag award your school must meet the following criteria.

  • Your Eco-Committee produces an Action Plan influenced by their Eco-Schools Environmental Review.
  • Pupils on the Eco-Committee take responsibility for leading their chosen topic actions: three topics for your first Green Flag and five topics for all Green Flag renewals (changing two of the five topics with every subsequent renewal application).
  • Your Action Plan contains timescales, who is responsible for the actions and how your topic actions will be monitored and evaluated.
  • Your Eco-Committee shares the Action Plan with the whole of the school.
  • A copy of your Action Plan must be displayed on your Eco-Board.

Action Plan Resources

Please use our FREE Action Plan Template as you will need to submit this document when applying for or renewing your Eco-Schools Green Flag award.

Here is a selection of our Action Plan resources, please log on to your Eco-Schools account to find more.

1st Green Flag Action Plan

Renewal Green Flag Action Plan

Action Plan FAQs

Remember once you have completed Step 3 Action Plan you are ready to complete your self assessed online Bronze Award

How many topics do we need to work on?

1st Green Flag 3 topics. If you are renewing your Green Flag 5 topics, changing two with each subsequent renewal. If you are not sure what topics your schools has previously worked on please speak to your Eco-Coordinator.

Do we have to choose actions for the topics that we didn’t do as well on in our Environmental Review?

We recommend you use the findings of your Environmental Review to choose the topics to focus on, but it is not compulsory, it is entirely up to your Eco-Committee to decide. If you have brilliant ideas for a topic your school has already performed well on; you are free to choose that topic.

Does our Action Plan have to use suggestions from the Environmental Review?

No, the Environmental Review was designed to provide students with ideas and none of the suggestions on our Environmental Review are compulsory. All we ask is that if you come up with a brilliant action idea for one of the topics please let us know, so we can tell other students about it.

How big do our Actions need to be?

Your actions can be as big or small as you choose, for example we don?t expect all our Eco-Schools to immediately invest in solar panels and a wind turbine ? an action for a 1st Green Flag could be as simple as appointing light monitors and displaying posters by light switches to remind people to turn the light off when not in use.

How many actions are required for each topic?

That is entirely up to your Eco-Committee. A topic might have only one big action spread out over the school year or it might have lots of smaller actions every term.  For your first Green Flag please aim to be realistic with the number of actions you can carry out – remember every little action (no matter how small) counts.

What if we miss the deadline for when we planned to complete our action?

If you miss the deadline you have set yourselves then you can change it at a later date, the Action Plan is designed to be a working document.

One of our actions didn’t work can we still use this as evidence towards our Green Flag award?

Yes, as long as you are trying to make a difference and can provide evidence that you have implemented the action then the action counts towards your Green Flag. At Eco-Schools we view failure as a fundamental part of learning.

One of our actions takes a long time to complete; do we have to wait until it is complete to apply for our Green Flag award?

No, as long as you can provide evidence that you have started the action then this can be used as evidence towards your Green Flag award. In fact, one of the things our assessors look for on your assessment visit is that actions are ongoing.

We have completed our Action Plan, what next?

You need to inform your whole school about your planned actions. You also need to display your Action Plan on your Eco-Board and retain a copy as evidence towards your Green Flag award. then apply for your free, online Bronze  Award.

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