Switch off to light up your Green Flag application

Wherever you are in your Eco-Schools journey – from newly registered to multiple Green Flags – getting involved in Switch Off Fortnight 2018 can help you along the way.

By participating in the national campaign Switch Off Fortnight this November, at the same time as hundreds of other schools all across the country, you and your students will be helping to make a difference within your own school whilst also contributing to something bigger. What’s more, the money your Eco-Committee can save the school, through some very simple changes, will also make your senior management team happy!

Switch Off Fortnight, now in its tenth year, is run by our friends at EDF Energy’s the Pod.  In addition to the campaign, the Pod also offer a whole range of curriculum-linked resources, assemblies, downloads and interactives, which you can use to help make your role a little easier.

It’s free to register with the Pod, giving you access to browse and download all they have to offer. You can then sign up to take part in Switch Off Fortnight!

If your school is already signed up for, or tempted to join, Switch Off Fortnight then read on to see how the campaign can help you along your Eco-Schools journey.

Going for Bronze?
Switch Off Fortnight is a great way to start your Eco-Committee, with everything you need to run the campaign in your schools provided by the Pod, including an energy audit to help complete the Eco-Schools Environmental Review for Step 2. Signing up for the campaign could be the first action for the Eco-Schools Energy topic.

Going for Silver?
Switch Off Fortnight is a great way to get your whole school involved in your eco-actions – why not kick-off the campaign with one of the Pod’s assemblies. And with the Pod’s resources having clear links to the curriculum, you’ll be able to see how your work links perfectly for Step 4.

Going for Green Flag?
Why not make Energy one of the topics you work on for your next Green Flag? Taking part in Switch Off fortnight will allow you to do some great age-appropriate energy monitoring – it could be recording energy usage or simply counting the numbers of lights left on.

We know how much students enjoy Switch Off Fortnight so don’t forget to tell our Green Flag Assessors about all your activities during your next assessment visit too.