Green Flag Award criteria

Eco-Schools Green Flag criteria

STEPS 6 and 7, working on three Eco-Schools topics

For those renewing their Green Flag after two years, your school should be focusing on five Eco-Schools topics- we will never ask schools, regardless of their Eco-Schools experience, to work on more than five topics. We only ask that you swap two of your topics with each renewal so that eventually you will have covered all ten of our topics: just not in one go!

Step 6: Monitoring and Evaluating

  • Your Eco-Committee monitors the effectiveness of their Eco-Schools topic actions: via data collection, our topic specific National Call to Action surveys (or other national surveys), before and after photographs etc.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation outcomes are communicated to your whole school and on display on your Eco-Board.
  • Evidence and data collected has been analysed and evaluated to help your pupils develop further topic actions.
  • OPTIONAL FOR FIRST GREEN FLAG: Some of your monitoring and evaluation data has been used in the curriculum, for example creating graphs and charts or statistical analysis in maths lessons (this also supports Step 4: Curriculum Links).

Step 7: Eco-Code

  • There is an agreement on an environmental statement for your school drawn up by pupils.
  • Your Eco-code must reflect the Topic actions that you are working on for your Green Flag.
  • Your Eco-Code is displayed on the Eco-Board.
  • Your Eco-Code is also displayed around the school for example in classrooms, school halls and even the toilets!
  • Your Eco-Code is known and understood by the majority of pupils and staff.

Your Eco-Committee will need to continue all of their hard work on Steps 1-5 

Applying for your Eco-Schools Green Flag Award

Please do not worry, your Green Flag Application is not a test – it’s a chance to celebrate all of your amazing work!

The application for Green Flag provides an opportunity for your Eco-Committee to showcase their fantastic work on the Seven Steps. Once submitted, it is reviewed by Karyn our Eco-Schools Delivery Officer, who will then arrange for a Green Flag assessment visit from one of our assessors. Our assessors are very friendly (especially if you offer them tea and biscuits!) and are there to support you. Your visit is not an ‘inspection’ – it is a celebration of the amazing work you and your school have done.

All Green Flag Awards are assessed through a two-stage process:

  1. Online application form
    After logging into your Eco-Schools account you will be asked to answer a series of short questions about your Eco-Schools work and upload:

    • A copy of your most recent Environmental Review and Action Plan – these can be scanned or a photo if they have been handwritten by your students (we like this!)
    • A photo of your Eco-Board
  2. Assessment visit
    We will arrange for one of our Green Flag Assessors to visit your school for around 2 hours to meet your Eco-committee and assess (celebrate) the work you have done to meet the Green Flag criteria.

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