Silver Award criteria

Silver Award criteria

After achieving your Silver Award your school will have completed 80% of the work needed for your first Eco-Schools Green Flag.

Steps 4 and 5, working on three Eco-Schools topics

After achieving their Bronze Award, your Eco-Committee will be eager to progress towards the Silver Award, on average this will take around 3-6 months.

Step 4: Curriculum Links

  • Environmental issues have been covered in at least three areas of your school curriculum; this is clearly evident in pupil’s work and/or schemes of work and lesson plans.
  • OPTIONAL FOR FIRST GREEN FLAG: Your three curriculum links can not all be from the same year group or subject area.
  • Your three curriculum examples do not have to be from the same Eco-Schools topics as those chosen for your Action Plan.

Step 5: Informing and Involving

  • Your school has a prominent and designated Eco-Board detailing all of your work on the Eco-Schools Seven Steps and chosen topic actions. This includes: Eco-Committee members from all year groups (with photographs if possible), meeting minutes, a copy of your Eco-Schools Environmental Review, your Action Plan, examples of Monitoring and Evaluation and your Eco-Code.
  • Your Eco-Board should be regularly updated to reflect your Eco-Schools work.
  • Your Eco-Committee should use a variety of mediums to help communicate their topic actions: newsletters, school website, the school’s Twitter account etc.
  • Your whole school and wider community is involved in Eco-Schools work in and around the school, for example: parents/carers, local authorities, businesses, other national and regional charities, neighbouring schools and residential groups and homes.

Remember to maintain the excellent progress you made during Steps 1, 2 & 3 also!

If you feel you have met the criteria listed below, celebrate and login to your Eco-Schools account to complete the free, self-assessed Silver Award!

You can view all the questions you will be asked on your self-assessment or download a paper version to complete with your Eco-Committee by clicking here.

Once you have achieved your Silver Award more of our free resources will become available via your Eco-Schools login, to help you on your final steps to Green Flag success.

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