Our Waste Partners

Our Waste Partners help schools to make waste a thing of the past!

Topic Supporter - Empties Please

Empties Please have a simple way of helping schools to raise funds through recycling. They collect your used printer cartridges and donate the money raised from them straight back to your school.

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Topic Supporter - SAMS (Scrap Art Material Store)

SAMS is an exciting, alternative way to promote the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle message, by supplying classroom kits using items collected from all types of manufacturing, storage and promotion companies that would otherwise have been sent to landfill.

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Topic Supporter - Devon Contract Waste

Devon Contract Waste are passionate about helping the West Country to proudly say ‘We Send Zero to Landfill!’ Their one-bin solution for recycling helps them stand out from the crowd and helps schools to join the movement.

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Interactive Eco-School

You can find a greener version of pretty much everything your school uses; pencils, carpets, uniforms, energy. Here you can investigate how you can ‘green’ your school

Interactive Eco-School