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UK Energy Partners

How well is your school performing when it comes to energy efficiency? In truth, it can be a hard thing to measure thoroughly and even harder to implement long lasting solutions. That’s why we’ve united with UK Energy Partners to help you do just that.

The team at UK Energy Partners are committed to transforming the energy performance of buildings and to surpass the ‘net zero’ standard wherever possible; which means a building that emits net zero carbon dioxide and consumes net zero energy.

Our Partnership

UK Energy Partners design, build, fit-out, maintain and fund affordable solutions to improve energy efficiency. They have completed over 200 major energy efficiency upgrades within public sector buildings, and built Schoolhaus, the top 30 most energy efficient buildings within UK education.

“We are delighted to be partnering with the Eco-Schools programme. Given our shared values, it is a natural marriage so we look forward to working with participating schools to demonstrate that energy efficiency improvements will deliver positive sustainability and healthy financial returns.”

Neil Gething, Commercial Director, UK Energy Partners

Check out this short video of how UK Energy Partners transformed Orion Primary School in London.

Environmental Credentials

UK Energy Partners have already supported Eco-Schools up and down the country to create school buildings operating at ‘net zero’.

The company has won many awards for their work, including at the Education Business Awards. Head over to the UK Energy Partners website to find more on how your school can benefit


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