Biodiversity #EcoSchoolsAtHome Frugi 10 day challenge

Welcome to day one of the Frugi 10 day topic challenge for #EcoSchoolsAtHome, which today focuses on Biodiversity. Every school day from now until Friday 17th July ourselves and our new Eco-Schools friends Frugi will be setting schools and families across the country simple topic actions that can be carried out either in school or at home. Let’s not delay, we know today’s first task will give you a ‘buzz!’

Download HERE Biodiversity #EcoSchoolsAtHome Frugi Challenge

Participation in Frugi #EcoSchoolsAtHome challenges can be used as evidence towards our international Eco-Schools Green Flag Award, but if you are in need of more inspiration here are some examples of Biodiversity Topic Actions carried out by other schools in England:

  1. Why not adopt an endangered animal? Often they come with a free cuddly toy that your Eco-Committee could name and create a diary for, sending home with a different pupil each weekend. What weekend adventures will your new adopted friend have? For younger children this is a great way of introducing the idea that we are responsible for our natural environment and all creatures who live in it.
  2.  Leave a patch of your school grounds ‘wild’ and see how species diversity compares to other areas of the grounds that are maintained. You could also use this wild patch as a place for pupils (and staff) to visit as a mindfulness or tranquillity garden.
  3.  Why not design and create bug hotels or bat and bird boxes for your school grounds. Any that are left over can be taken home as presents for students who have been working particularly hard on your Eco-Committee or even sold at school fairs to raise money for your planned actions; like buying new plants or eco-literature for the school library.

More About Frugi and Biodiversity

Frugi loves the planet and all the creatures that live on it, big and small and that is why Frugi is passionate about using organic cotton! Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and nasty chemicals that cause harm to the eco systems and pollute the soil and rivers. Organic cotton farming is also much better for the farmers who grow the crop. They are protected from the poisonous sprays that cause illness and they get a much better price for their yield.

Frugi and Eco-Schools are also extremely excited to announce that from September Frugi will also be funding the Green Flag fees for up to 150 schools in England; from Early Years Foundation (3-5), Primary Schools (5-11) all the way through to Secondary and Further Education (12-18). Check out the Eco-Schools website for more information in the new school year!