Climate Confident

Climate Confident: how to cover climate change and sustainability in your school

Covering climate change and sustainability in schools has never been so important. Young people, parents, and even the government are looking to schools to tackle the key subjects and act. But there’s a catch…

In a recent educator survey conducted by Twinkl, 92% of respondents said they felt that teaching on climate change and sustainability was very important. But almost 70% said that they didn’t feel confident doing it.

In response, Eco-Schools has teamed-up with eco-journalist and author Sarah Roberts to produce this new five-part video series, ‘Climate Confident’. The series covers everything that educators and schools need to know to get the global agenda on their school agenda, from the basics of climate change, to eco-anxiety, to layering climate change across your curriculum.

Climate Confident: The Basics of Climate Change



When researching for this series, educators asked us to start with basics. This video introduces the key terms and facts that you need to know in order to start covering climate change and sustainability with confidence.

Climate Confident: Getting the Global Agenda on Your School's Agenda



We asked educators engaged with Eco-Schools about the obstacles that they face in covering climate change and sustainability, both in the classroom and across their school’s actions. This video explores the obstacles and outlines different methods for overcoming them.

Climate Confident: Eco-Anxiety



As the world begins to see the effects of climate change, young people are becoming increasingly worried about the future of our planet. This is ‘Eco-Anxiety.’ In this video, we explore how you can discuss it with your pupils, respond to it, and combat it.

Climate Confident: Using Your School Environment


Coming up with ideas for eco-projects and sustainable actions can be a challenge for educators, especially with resource and time-challenges an ever-present. So, it can help to think SMART and use what you have at your fingertips – your school environment. In this video we look at four different areas of your school and the rich opportunities that they provide. Click here to access the WWF Schools Sustainability Guide mentioned in the video

Climate Confident: Layering Climate Change Across Your Curriculum



This video presents a variety of ideas to help you link climate change and sustainability themes across six curriculum topics. We bypass the usual go-to’s of Science and Geography to focus on Art, History, English, DT, PSHE and Maths.

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