Get Loud on Litter!

What is Get Loud on Litter?

A brief introduction to the Get Loud on Litter Project.

Litter blights our streets, parks and beaches. It harms wildlife and costs our country millions of pounds to clear up every year. It’s time to take action. It’s time to Get Loud on Litter!

This project encourages young people to raise awareness about the impact of littering on their school, community and wildlife. It is positive, fun and proactive and allows young people to understand and appreciate peaceful forms of climate action.

Young people are first asked to choose an area to investigate, they will then complete field research and review their findings, before preparing their key messages and ‘Getting Loud on Litter.’

This project takes 3-6 hours to complete, links to the Litter, Waste and School Grounds Eco-Schools topics, can be used as evidence towards and Eco-Schools Green Flag and can be used in Art & Design, English, Geography and Maths learning.

Get Loud on Litter is kindly supported by our friends Frugi

Get Loud on Litter Resources

Everything you need to deliver the Get Loud on Litter Eco-Project.

Download the Get Loud on Litter Resources here.

Resources Include:

Get Loud on Litter Delivery Guide

A step-by-step guide to delivering Eco-Schools’ Get Loud on Litter Project.

Litter Survey Template

A template to help young people review the litter situation in and around their school.

Litter Fact Cards

10 Filthy Facts about litter and a Litter Ranking card to help young people rank the litter situation in areas in and around their school.

Litter Image Bank

Litter illustrations for young people to add to their anti-litter campaigns.

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