Environmental Statistics

A selection of environmental statistics from Eco-Schools’ Applications in 2022-2023.

The Eco-Schools Team is delighted to share 10 environmental statistics highlighting and celebrating the positive impacts that young people participating in the Eco-Schools programme created during 2022-2023:

  • 1.75m m2 of natural habitats were created or maintained in order to support biodiversity on school sites including meadows, wildflower, and rewilding areas.
  • Schools saved a combined 6.2m kWh in gas usage, compared to the previous academic year.
  • 100,284kgs of food and household products were donated to local foodbanks by Eco-Schools.
  • 54,215 young people were actively involved in growing fruit, vegetables, and herbs in their school.
  • 30,151 bags of litter were collected by more than 100,000 young people during 21,065 litter-picks.
  • Young people helped to organise 4,288 second-hand sales and swaps.
  • 50,188 trees were planted by participating schools.
  • 5,911 walk, cycle, or scoot to school days were delivered.
  • More than 3.8m kgs of waste was diverted from landfill.
  • 11,049 meat-free days planned.

You can view further impacts and details in our annual Impact Report.

Pupil Statistics

A selection of pupil statistics from Eco-Schools’ Applications in 2022-2023.

The Eco-Schools’ Team are also delighted to share some pupil statistical highlights from the previous academic year, which help to demonstrate that environmental action benefits young people as well as our planet!

  • More than 1.4m young people attended a school, college or nursery that participated in the Eco-Schools programme.
  • Young people’s environmental action was supported by 8,193 adults.
  • And 99,070 external collaborators were also involved in their Eco-Schools’ activity.
  • 97.8% of teachers said that their pupils had expressed more interest and desire to become active on climate change as a result of their participation in the programme.
  • 96.6% of teachers felt that participation in the Eco-Schools programme had helped expand environmental education in their setting.
  • 98.2% of teachers agreed that participating in the Eco-Schools’ programme had helped young people develop their teamwork skills.
  • 96% of teachers agreed that participating in the Eco-Schools’ programme increased young people’s confidence.
  • 97.9% of teachers agreed that participation in the Eco-Schools’ programme had benefitted their setting.

You can view further impacts and details in our annual Impact Report.


A selection of quotes from 2022-2023.

‘I joined our Eco-Committee because we are doing some really silly things to the world and I want to do something about it and make a difference.’

Pupil, Ormiston Rivers Academy, Burnham-on-Crouch 

‘Thanks to being on the school’s Eco-Committee, my child has flourished in her work and has supported at improving our own home. It will also help her as it is a great thing to put on her CV.’

Parent, Oasis Academy Sholing, Southampton 

‘I chose to join the Eco-Committee this year because I love nature… I find it so beautiful and special, and the fact that every day that goes by, some part of nature somewhere in the world dies because of unnatural, man-caused or man-influenced reasons, makes me sad and angry and frustrated. I want to help and encourage the natural environment around me and around the world, not destroy it, and by being on the committee I have an opportunity to really do that.’ 

Pupil, Manchester High School for Girls, Manchester 

‘Since my child has started with the Eco-Committee she has really come out of her shell.  She loves the gardening part of the club and has planted her own plants including tomatoes and blackberries at home.  Before the club she was a little shy but she now loves to speak about the gardening at school and the plants she has planted at home.’

Parent, Sheffield Springs Academy, Sheffield

Case Study

A case study from St. Mary’s C of E, Walthamstow who achieved their Eco-Schools Green Flag in 2023 for the first time.

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