Environmental Statistics

A selection of environmental statistics from Eco-Schools’ Applications in 2021-2022.

The Eco-Schools Team is delighted to share 10 environmental statistics highlighting and celebrating the positive impacts that young people participating in the Eco-Schools programme created during 2021-2022:

  • 37,865 trees planted
  • 1,214,917.3 m2 of natural habitats created and maintained
  • 86,382 young people participated in an energy-free day
  • £638,643 raised for charity
  • 40,764 young people involved in growing fruit, vegetables and herbs
  • 96,580 young people completed a litter-pick collecting 25,438.5 bags of litter
  • 6063 walk, cycle and scoot to school days planned
  • 3669 second-hand sales or swaps organised
  • 2,264,215.75 kg of waste diverted from landfill
  • £336,131.86 saved on school energy bills

Pupil Statistics

A selection of pupil statistics from Eco-Schools’ Applications in 2021-2022.

The Eco-Schools Team is also delighted to share some pupil statistical highlights from the previous academic year, which help to demonstrate that environmental action benefits young people as well as our planet!

  • 1,478,364 number of young people attending a school, college or nursery that participated in the Eco-Schools programme
  • 49,228 number of young Eco-Committee members
  • 23,746 number of Eco-Committee meetings held
  • 623,503 number of young people taught an Eco-Schools environmental curriculum link
  • 95.7% of Eco-Coordinators agree that the Eco-Schools programme helped to expand environmental education in their setting
  • 98% of Eco-Coordinators agree that being on an Eco-Committee increased pupil confidence
  • 97.6% of Eco-Coordinators agree that being on an Eco-Committee helped to develop teamwork skills
  • 93.6% of Eco-Coordinators agree that being on an Eco-Committee helped to develop leadership skills


A selection of parent and guardian quotes from 2021-2022.

Finally, the Eco-Schools Team are again delighted to share a small selection of parent and guardian quotes expressing their appreciation for the Eco-Schools programme and how it has benefitted their child.

‘My son has been involved in Eco-Schools for the past three years. In this time, he has not only learned about eco-related issues but he has had the chance to be part of real changes being made at school. He has also attended several meetings in which he has presented the work of the Eco-Committee to a wider audience, including governors, headteachers and outside organisations. I cannot thank the school enough for the opportunities that they have given him, and I now have my very own little Eco-Warrior!’

Parent, Bury Grammar School

‘My son loves to (prefers to!) learn outside and is into all things about plants and animals.  His involvement in the Eco-committee has given him the chance to be part of something than bigger than just himself and he believes he can help to make a difference not only to his class and school, but in the wider community and planet.  He’s proud of his involvement and the fact that they’re making positive changes.  He really, really wants to be part of the committee again next year!’

Parent. Molescroft Primary School

‘We now have to take litter pickers with us when we go for walks!’

Parent, Clifton-Upon-Teme Primary School

‘The Eco-Warriors group has helped my child settle after moving schools. They have been able to make new friends, share their ideas and knowledge of gardening and gain confidence. They have become a part of a team and I have seen them looking forward to going to school.’

Parent, Shevington High School

‘As the parent of an Eco-Warrior, I have seen my child become passionate about protecting our planet and ensuring that things are put in place to promote a healthy future for us all. He has also massively grown in confidence and has been able to speak to groups and in an assembly. He is incredibly proud of this, as am I.’

Parent, Lessness Heath Primary School

‘Eco-Schools has taught my child so many life skills that she will be able to use now and in her future. These include teamwork, leadership, organisation, minute-taking, letter-writing, speaking, presentations, persuasive writing, knowledge of the environment. My daughter has spoken with so much confidence on local radio about her reasons why we need to reduce our plastic waste. She even had an amazing opportunity to go to Westminster (first time in London) to speak to MPs about reducing and recycling more plastic waste.’

Parent, Damers First School

‘My child says that Eco-Club is the best part of going to school!’

Parent, Lingfield College Prep

‘My child is now much more pro-active about saving water and energy in the home, walking to school instead of driving and makes conscious decisions to make sure that we are reducing our amount of food waste.  This is benefitting her as well as her sisters and I.’

Parent, Parks Primary School

‘The work my child has done with the Eco-Team this academic year has been invaluable to their confidence and self-esteem. They can sometimes be on the quieter side and often won’t speak much about their school day, but they have bounded home after every meeting or Eco-Team trip full of energy and enthusiasm. I know they feel incredibly proud to be part of a community working towards eco-goals for the school and they have really flourished. They have also discovered their love of gardening which is just wonderful to see.’

Parent, William Patten Primary School

‘My child has loved being part of the Eco-Schools group this year. It has been a really positive focus in the midst of a turbulent season. She has made friends across year groups and enjoyed working with others towards common goals. It has helped develop her awareness and provided an outlet for her growing environmental conscience. Eco-Schools has allowed my child to feel like she is making a difference, and that is invaluable.’

Parent, Upton-by-Chester High School

Case Study

A case study from St. Mary’s C of E, Walthamstow who achieved their Eco-Schools Green Flag in 2023 for the first time.

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