Celebrating our first National Eco-Schools debate challenge

Celebrating our first National Eco-Schools debate challenge

Last week saw our first National Eco-Schools debate challenge, and everyone involved agrees it was a real success. Many thanks to both Lidl and Kidzania for supporting the event.

As a celebration of all their hard work on our Eco-Schools programme, we invited secondary schools who had gained multiple Green Flags along to this exciting event.

The year 10 students were given the debate themes in advance, but not told which side they’d be arguing until the day – so all the students worked extremely hard preparing for the debates:

“Fairtrade is a successful social movement.”
“Deforestation has only negative impacts.”
“Energy security is more important than food security.”
“Demand for water resources is rising globally, however supply is unreliable; this will lead to conflict.”

The themes of the debate are linked to the new GCSE AQA Geography specification, which both supported the students’ learning and allowed them to use it as evidence in their next Green Flag application (linking to the curriculum).
Massive congratulations to our very deserving, winning school, St Helen’s, and our runners-up Hounsdown High and Whitefield High.
The event was held at Kidzania London, after the debates the schools were able to visit a variety of Kidzania activities such presenting on Aljazeera or Capital FM, becoming a pilot with British Airways or making chocolate at Cadbury.