Congratulations to our #GBSpringClean photo competition winners

Congratulations to our #GBSpringClean photo competition winners

Congratulations to Alex and Eva, our two #GBSpringClean photographic competition winners. ​Both winners attended our celebration event at the Palace of Westminster last month, but today we visited them at their schools to present their prizes – an SLR digital camera and accessories – so they can continue to take such inspiring photographs. Both were kind enough to answer a few questions after we presented their prizes.

What inspired you to take the photo?

Alex tells us she really liked “the reflection of the can in the water, wanted to take a photo to represent water pollution and how litter can travel around the world.” Eva was taking photos in the area and when she saw the littered coffee cups, she was inspired to keep snapping.

What are your plans for your new camera?

Both girls are looking forward to using their new cameras in their upcoming travels. Alex wants to travel the world and Eva is heading to Australia this summer to visit her grandparents. We are sure that with their skills, and their new equipment, ​they’ll be taking some wonderful photos along the way.

What was it like to attend the celebration event at the Palace of Westminster?

It was Alex’s first time visiting London and she spent the rest of her day site seeing and taking photos. She told us it felt like a really special event. Her friends are really proud of her and were especially impressed that she got to spend time with our ambassador Kirstie Allsopp.

Eva also had a great time, especially as she’s never expected to win the competition. ​She arrived early so she could visit the House of Commons and House of Lords. She says, “it was a beautiful building and interesting to see what really goes on inside.

The girls’ Eco-Schools journey.

Both of our winners attend registered Eco-Schools. Alex is part of the “Global Warriors” team at her school, which is currently working towards their bronze award. The school had a problem with litter and have put in lots of initiatives to help, this is why Alex entered the competition. The next topic her school wishes to tackle is transport- they plan on working with the local community and feeder primary schools to help reduce speed limits around the school and encourage more people from the local community to walk to school.

Eva’s school is currently working towards their silver and Green Flag award. Although Eva is not on the Eco-Committee, her entering the competition shows how the programme involves and inspires the whole school to get involved. The Eco-Committee have been working with governors, the bursar, caretakers and local companies to improve recycling and energy use in their school. They will also be holding a sustainability conference for neighbouring high schools who are also new to the Eco-Schools programme.

Congratulations to Alex and Eva from everyone at Keep Britain Tidy – these are wonderful, thought-provoking images and we know you’ll go far.