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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we all work. Since March 2020, pupils have been taught online from home, or in ‘bubbles’ at school, which have been designed to limit face-to-face interactions. Because of these circumstances, Eco-Committees across England have innovated, thinking of new ways to engage with the Eco-Schools programme and take responsibility for protecting our planet.

Perhaps the biggest innovation, which happened almost instantly, was Eco-Committees expanding their Eco-Schools work into their classmates homes. Eco-Committees across England began hosting Eco-Committee Meetings online and setting Eco-Challenges that could be completed by students safely at home (or within their bubble) whilst also providing perfect evidence to apply for an Eco-Schools Green Flag award.

Below you can find award winning projects the Eco-Schools have created to help Eco-Committees to continue and expand their Eco-Schools work, even whilst working from home!

#EcoSchoolsAtHome Topic Actions

Award-winning series of Eco-Schools At Home projects and challenges covering all ten Eco-Schools topics, differentiated for Early Years, Primary and Secondary.

#EcoSchoolsAtHome Topic Actions

NEW #EcoSchoolsAtHome Seven Step Challenge

An inclusive challenge designed to encourage families to discuss our planet’s health and spread the Eco-Schools ethos into pupil’s homes. It can easily be set as homework over a period of weeks, or during school holidays. It also provides great evidence for Step 5: Informing and Involving.

#EcoSchoolsAtHome Seven Step Challenge


Need inspiration for first Eco-Schools Green Flag topic actions? why not try the Frugi 10 day challenge? Great for eco-work at home and in school!

Frugi Topic Challenges

Trash Hack

Eco-Schools founders The Foundation for Environmental Education have partnered with UNESCO Associated Schools Network to create this global call for action encouraging school action on trash, waste management and sustainable development.

Trash Hack

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