Eco-Schools National Eco-Committee Advent Calendar Day Four!

Eco-Schools National Eco-Committee Advent Calendar Day Four!

Welcome to day four of introductions, today we are introducing FIVE of the amazing young people the Eco-Schools Team will be working closely with this year as part of our inaugural National Eco-Committee. The National Eco-Committee will ensure the Eco-Schools Programme is always focused on, and led by, young people!


The subject that I think should become greener is Food Technology because it is all about food and there could be lessons on where wasted food ends up. With these lessons people will be able to fully understand what happens to the food they waste. Also this can teach people what to do with the food they eat and where the leftovers could go in a compost bin to use on your garden. Also this could teach people to sometimes not buy as much food from the shop as this can often end up as food that is not eaten and past its use-by date, which always ends up being thrown away. So instead if people follow these teachings and try to not buy as much, this will help work towards saving our planet and saving wildlife.


This is our only earth and I care about the people, animals and plants living here, and the things we have created (bad and good). We are the most advanced species on the planet and we need to stop, think and turn around the mistakes of the past to make an amazing future for all species starting by reducing pollution and waste.


We need to learn about pollution and climate change because people like Donald Trump don’t care about climate change, so we must learn to not be like him. If we learn about it we can learn how to help stop it and reduce damage to animals and their habitat. We can come up with ways to help people make a difference, together we can talk about the inventions, creations and come up with ideas to try to help the environment.


For A-Levels, as one of my four subjects, I chose to do photography. You choose your theme for your coursework throughout the two years and it can be literally ANYTHING! I decided my theme was going to be experimental photography and I have zoomed in on finding eco-friendly alternatives for Analog photography (we shoot our own film, process it and print it in the darkroom at school). My latest project is going to be printing a photograph onto a leaf and I have also been looking at developing my film with alternative more naturally occurring developers such as wild mushrooms and coffee.


I think the issue of climate change is seldom discussed often enough in schools or colleges, because it is seen as a personal preference as to whether you care about the environment or not. Green themes could be addressed in schools through setting certain time aside each week for students to be educated on these global issues. For example, most schools have a ‘tutor time’ before every academic day starts in which the students meet with their tutor and the rest of their peers. This time could be used to inform students about such matters and give them time to discuss how they can help influence the environment in a positive way and combat climate change in order to stop the loss of biodiversity.