Global Citizenship #EcoSchoolsAtHome

Global Citizenship #EcoSchoolsAtHome

This week for our Global Citizenship #EcoSchoolsAtHome learning resources we want to take you on a home-based ‘world tour’ of the different countries that run the Eco-Schools programme and the different organisations who manage them nationally. We have pulled together lots of different ideas for actions that can be done as part of your home schooling routine or as activities for your Easter break – you just need to choose which of the 67 Eco-Schools countries you would like to find out more information about.

Why not pick a country you may have to study in school? Or a country you have always wanted to visit? There are no limitations. You could even pick a different Eco-Schools country for every task if you want a truly international challenge; animals from Australia, climate of Canada, language of Latvia, flag of Finland or music of Mexico it is up to you! Follow the link to the Eco-Schools International website here or at the start of our resource to help you choose your countries.

Don’t forget our Eco-Schools neighbours in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland too – they have some fantastic #EcoSchoolsAtHome resources to help keep everyone entertained and active this Easter.

There is only one rule for this weeks tasks. Please make sure to share your Eco-Schools world tour actions with us at Eco-Schools England (Facebook, Twitter and Insta) and the national organisations of the countries you have picked. There are over 59,000 Eco-Schools globally all having to work and play from home, lets make the world a lot smaller by sharing our love and best wishes to Eco-Schools and their families everywhere.

Take care everyone, don’t forget to look for the pink moon tonight!

Lee, Francis, Karyn and Shona

Click here to download #EcoSchoolsAtHome Global Citizenship Work