Marine #EcoSchoolsAtHome Frugi 10 day challenge

We are starting week two and day six of the Frugi 10 day topic challenge for #EcoSchoolsAtHome with a splash for our Marine topic. Here at Eco-Schools we believe it is important that everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to swim and stay safe in and around water. The more confident and happy we feel in water the more we will want to help keep it clean and look after all life that lives in it.

Download HERE Marine #EcoSchoolsAtHome Frugi Challenge

Remember that participating in any of the #EcoSchoolsAtHome can be used as evidence for our international Eco-Schools Green Flag Award, but if you want more Marine based inspiration, here are some of our ideas that could help you kick start your own Marine project:

  1. You do not have to live near the coast to protect marine-life, ‘marine’ does not just mean oceans and seas – think about water sources close to your school or home and how you can protect them. From rivers and canals to lakes and puddles all are connected.
  2. It’s not just about plastic. Some of our Eco-Schools have been working on all types of action linked to marine environments and the climate emergency. Why not investigate coastal erosion due to sea level change or increased flooding of rivers and sewage systems. Maybe you could even link to our Global Citizenship and Biodiversity topics by investigating different marine ecosystems such as coral reefs and mangroves and why they are so important.
  3. We love that many of our inland schools are thinking outside of the box when it comes to this topic – some have even been investigating whether the fish in their school canteen is caught sustainably and the food miles associated with their fish fingers! This is a great way to recruit your school catering staff for your Eco-Committee too.

More About Frugi and Marine

Did you know that when you wash your clothes tiny particles called microfibres come off and end up going into the sea? These microscopic fibres are then eaten by fish and marine animals, causing them harm. Frugi recommend using a Guppyfriend! A special bag which captures the microfibres for you to throw away with your recycling waste. You can read more about The Guppy Friend here!

Frugi and Eco-Schools are also extremely excited to announce that from September Frugi will also be funding the Green Flag fees for up to 150 schools in England; from Early Years Foundation (3-5), Primary Schools (5-11) all the way through to Secondary and Further Education (12-18). Check out the Eco-Schools website for more information in the new school year!