Mindfulness Minutes Green Flag Funding

Mindfulness Minutes Green Flag Funding

Thanks to a generous donation we are very excited to announce the launch of our new
Healthy Living topic national call to action

Mindfulness Minutes

Mindfulness Minutes is a week-long project that can run at any time of the academic year and enables young people (and academic staff!) to take control of their mental health and well-being.

Like all Eco-Schools campaigns Mindfulness Minutes has been designed to be a manageable and student-led project that helps schools work towards our international Green Flag Award whilst following the Seven Step framework using our simple Mindfulness Minutes student guide.

Seven Step Overview of Mindfulness Minutes:

    • Step 1: Form a Mindfulness Eco-Committee to champion the project in your school.
    • Step 2: Complete our Mindfulness Review, designed to get students (and staff) thinking about their mental health and well-being before and after your week of mindfulness.
    • Step 3: Decide when and how your school will carry out a week of mindfulness actions. Our supporting guide has lots of ideas to help with this.
    • Step 4: How is mental health and well-being incorporated in your schools’ pastoral and academic curriculum?
    • Step 5: Spread the mindfulness message to your wider school community.
    • Step 6: Use our Mindfulness Minutes Tally to record and monitor the impact of your mindfulness week. Please remember even if only one class takes part- that is a success!
    • Step 7: What will be your schools Mindfulness Mantra?


Green Flag Funding Available

We would also like to work closely with ten Eco-Schools running the Mindfulness Minutes project during the summer and autumn terms, to help create differentiated mindfulness guides suitable for the early years, primary and secondary/ tertiary sectors. These ten schools will have the cost of their 1st or Green Flag *renewal covered. If you would like to nominate your Eco-School for our Mindfulness Minutes Green Flag funding please complete the application below before 30th June.

*Please note renewal schools must be renewing their Green Flag between June – December 2019.