New financial support this Vegetarian Week

New financial support this Vegetarian Week

New financial support this Vegetarian Week – thanks to our partners at the Vegetarian Society.

Even more Eco-Schools are now proudly flying their international Green Flag award, thanks to funding and support from our partners at the Vegetarian Society. And the good news is, additional funding is now available to help 65 more Silver or Bronze Eco-Schools achieve their Green Flag.

Schools across the country have linked their vegetarian projects into our topics – from school grounds and healthy living to transport and water. And it’s right across the schools from the gardens, grounds and window-sills, to the kitchens, classrooms and assembly halls.

Like Pembroke Park primary school in Wiltshire, who have just achieved their first Green Flag, with support from the Vegetarian Society funding. Pembroke Park combined their vegetarian projects with their Waste Week campaign, like encouraging vegetarian packed-lunches with less packaging. 

The children monitoring the campaign supplied great evidence for their Green Flag application. They also took vegetarian-eating out of the canteen and into the classrooms, discussing the environmental impacts of different diets- in terms of energy, land and water use, greenhouse gases or deforestation. 

So whether you are a nursery, primary, secondary or sixth form – if you’ve done work on any of our nine topics that will lead to a greater understanding and more veggie dishes being eaten by your pupils and staff, you’ve worked through the seven steps, and it’s your first Green Flag, then you are eligible for this fantastic support.

The financial support will cover the £200 cost of your Green Flag award application and assessment – so all you need to worry about is showing off the amazing things you and your Eco-Committee have been doing.

To apply, simply complete our funding request form online by Friday 29 June 2018. And submit a successful Green Flag Award application by Friday 13 July 2018. You can find out more about the evidence you’ll need to gather here, (it’s not as much as you think) or call the team on 01942 612 614 to discuss your school’s application further.

Good luck, we look forward to receiving your application soon, and helping you along your Eco-Schools journey, with support from our partners at the Vegetarian Society.