Transport #EcoSchoolsAtHome

Transport #EcoSchoolsAtHome

Hello Eco-Coordinators, Eco-Committee Members, teachers, pupils and families – we hope you are looking after yourselves and we can’t wait to see you all again as soon as possible.

This week, for our Transport #EcoSchoolsAtHome topic work, we have mapped five activities accessible to all. From calculating food miles, to identifying signs of spring via an advert for sustainable transport – we hope that there is something for everyone to embark upon. The team at Eco-Schools would love to thank all of the teachers out there who continue to work harder than most would think possible and be an inspiration every day. We would especially like to thank Claypool Primary School in Bolton for sharing their wonderful ideas with us on social media and allowing us to ‘magpie’ their idea and share with Eco-Schools throughout England and beyond in this #EcoSchoolsAtHome resource (we adore our Eco-Schools community). If you have any fantastic ideas or work you would like to share please make sure to get in touch with us on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), so we can celebrate with you and share with others.

Click Here to Download #EcoSchoolsAtHome Transport Work.

Safe Travels,

Lee, Francis, Karyn & Shona