Waste #EcoSchoolsAtHome Frugi 10 day challenge

Welcome to day nine, the penultimate day of the Frugi 10 day topic challenge for #EcoSchoolsAtHome! Today we want to get as many people as possible to get involved in the challenge; so grab all your family members and ask everyone in school to pay attention- let’s not ‘waste’ the day!

Download HERE Waste #EcoSchoolsAtHome Frugi Challenge

Waste is the second most popular Eco-Schools topic because there are so many different projects you can do – here are some of the ones that we remember, we hope they inspire you and your Eco-Committee to work on our Waste topic:

  1. Waste can link to any item used in school, from plastic and paper to clothing and crayons.  We have seen Eco-Committees monitoring and reducing paper use in school, changing lunch menus to eliminate food waste, creating up-cycled art installations and recycling a huge variety of items from crisp packets to spectacles.
  2. ‘Keep it Retro’- many school uniform items such as blazers, ties and coats are made to last. Why not hold a competition in school to find who has the oldest piece of uniform, or the piece of uniform that has been passed between family and friends the most and is still being worn. This is also a great action to help remove the stigma associated with second hand clothing.
  3. We often wonder how many sets of useful revision notes and guides are thrown away by years 11 and 13 after their examinations. Could these revision notes be used by next years students? Is there an art piece that can be made from them to remember these year groups? Try to think of some creative ways to reuse and up-cycle old school notes rather than just recycling the paper they are written on.

More About Frugi and Waste

As an ethical company Frugi hates waste! Frugi clothing is made to last and last so it can be handed down to younger siblings or friends and avoid being sent to landfill! Our fabric bundles are made from the spare fabric we have left over and are perfect for craft projects and even our packaging can be home composted. Find out how Frugi clothing is designed for little people and the planet!

Frugi and Eco-Schools are also extremely excited to announce that from September Frugi will also be funding the Green Flag fees for up to 150 schools in England; from Early Years Foundation (3-5), Primary Schools (5-11) all the way through to Secondary and Further Education (12-18). Check out the Eco-Schools website for more information in the new school year!