Water #EcoSchoolsAtHome Frugi 10 day challenge

We’re sad to say it’s the last day of the Frugi 10 day topic challenge for #EcoSchoolsAtHome, we hope you’ve had as much fun completing the challenges as the Eco-Schools and Frugi teams have had creating them! Our final challenge is linked to the Eco-Schools teams’ favourite Eco-Schools topic – Water. It’s our favourite because the water cycle connects all Eco-Schools, not just here in England but around the globe (we also like to think about dinosaurs drinking the same water that we do). A reliable and clean water supply also enables all the amazing Eco-Committees around the world to work on so many amazing Eco-Schools projects for all of the topics.

Download HERE Water #EcoSchoolsAtHome Frugi Challenge

Remember, if you have worked on any of the #EcoSchoolsAtHome challenges or even set your own #EcoSchoolsAtHome challenge, this is great evidence to use towards an international Eco-Schools Green Flag Award. Schools across England have sometimes found our Water topic difficult to work on, we hope that these ideas provide some inspiration and make you love our Water topic as much as we do:

  1. More and more of our schools are now starting to look at ways they can reduce not only their direct water usage, but also their indirect water consumption linked to food and clothing: encouraging less meat to be eaten and raising awareness about water usage in the clothing industry.
  2. A great way to link this topic to Global Citizenship is by researching how water is used in schools across the globe and how your school can help these schools access a reliable and clean supply. Did you know in some Eco-School countries they don’t even have Water as a separate topic, because why would your school not be finding ways to save this valuable resource and keep it clean and safe to use?! Some of our colleagues from the African nations have even recently informed us that they have been struggled to maintain safe hygiene practices such as hand washing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their schools as they have no access to running water.
  3. In some secondary, sixth form and FE colleges students from the Art, Textiles, Hair and Beauty and even the Motor Vehicle Departments have been monitoring what gets washed down their drains. From investigating the aquatic toxicity of products they use in class to purchasing alternatives that are safer for the environment. Helping them make better choices for their future working practice when they begin careers in these industries.

More About Frugi and Water

Did you know that growing Organic cotton uses 88% less water than conventional cotton and is so much better for people and the planet? You can find out more here.

Frugi and Eco-Schools are also extremely excited to announce that from September Frugi will also be funding the Green Flag fees for up to 150 schools in England; from Early Years Foundation (3-5), Primary Schools (5-11) all the way through to Secondary and Further Education (12-18). Check out the Eco-Schools website for more information in the new school year!