How do you become a Successful Eco-School?

How do you become a Successful Eco-School?

  • “I would love to do more environmental work, but I just can’t find the time.”
  • “I really like the idea of getting eco-awards for our school, but I don’t know where to start.”
  • “I am so passionate, and I know the children will be too, but I just don’t get the support from the wider school.”
  • “We’re pushed hard for grades, I can’t see how we can make Eco-Schools work.”
  • “We’re just one school, what difference does it make on a bigger scale if we become an Eco-School?

These are common challenges we hear from staff in schools right across the country. If you feel the same way then you are not alone. And, after surveying hundreds of Eco-Schools, one of the main pieces of feedback was around receiving more support to help you to implement the programme and truly make it a success.

For this reason, we’re excited to announce a fresh series of CPD training events happening this Autumn.

“How to become a Successful Eco-School” is the perfect training for anyone dealing with the above questions and concerns. Whether you are new to Eco-Schools and want to find out how you can transform your school, or are at a school with multiple Green Flags and have a thirst for knowledge – we’ve refreshed the programme, enhanced our training and are looking forward to meeting you as we give you everything you need to excel as a positive, green Eco-School.

The benefits of Eco-Schools are wide-reaching – from behaviours and skills enhanced in children, to cost savings on water, energy and waste – there really is a strong case for every school in England (and the world!) to take part.

Our training takes you through our new Green Flag application, enables you to access our international Eco-Schools community and equips you with the very latest resources, tips and techniques for embedding a fresh, forward-thinking ethos to your school.

We’re also aware of the range of job roles that our Eco-Co-ordinators occupy in schools – so this CPD has been developed for teachers, bursars, support staff and SLT.

And, through an exciting new partnership around our Water topic, the training is being run in collaboration with major water companies across the country. This means, as part of the day, you’ll receive a full tour of the facilities and information on how you can take your students’ learning outside of the school gates.

On top of this, we’ll throw in an exclusive Eco-Schools goodie bag to take away as further support and a brand new Eco-Schools pin badge as a memento of the day.

Sound good? Head to our CPD page now to book on to a course near you!

Course locations: Wigan, Leeds, Weston-super-Mare, Oxfordshire, Durham, Essex, Brighton, Kent